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My husband had a stroke in Sept 2021 (bleed not clot), he lost the use of his right side; a month later he had a seizure. They put him on some pills for the seizure and with lots of hard work he started to get better. He went from being completely bed bound to be able to walk a few steps with the help of a frame and able to push himself around in a wheelchair without going round in circles!

The day before Christmas Eve 2022 he had a mini stroke. We were not able to get a GP appointment until 29th Dec and he was referred to the stroke team at the hospital. They did a CT & MRI scan on his head and an ultrasound on his neck, they said if nothing was found we wouldn’t hear anything. Obviously nothing was found as we have heard nothing back.

Four days ago he had another mini stroke and I am hoping to get a call from my GP later today.

What I don’t seem to be able to get answered is why he is having these ‘episodes’ and what can we do to mitigate against them. TIA was mentioned when we spoke to the Dr back in December but looking online as to what that means it appears they are a blood clot in the brain, his stroke was a bleed and not a clot. Does that mean these are not TIAs. He doesn’t have high blood pressure, he doesn’t smoke, no alcohol and eats as well as he is able.

Each time it happens he loses a little bit more of himself. He is now very down and depressed and I don’t know what to do to help.

Hi, so sorry to hear that your husband is suffering. I’m not medically trained and I’m sorry that I can’t answer your questions. Unfortunately every stroke is unique, as is every stroke survivors recovery. I’m hoping that one of the contributors on here will be able to help you a bit more than me.

I would say that it might be helpful to put together a list of questions that you would like answers to, so that when you speak to your gp you cover everything. It might also be helpful to contact the Stroke Association, they might be able to help.

I hope that you get some answers soon. Best wishes to both of you.

Regards Sue

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@NellyC sorry to hear your husband is having some issues. I’ve not had any TIAs but there are other people who have had several. No matter how hard we try to live really healthily sometimes these things still happen.

I think you should ask your GP the questions you have and maybe ask them to refer for further tests. As @Susan_Jane has said the Stroke Association helpline might be able to help too.

I hope your husband doesn’t have any more & that in time he’ll recover ok from these too.

Wishing you both all the best.

Ann x

So the GP never called and I will have another day tomorrow trying to get medical help. He is not able to leave the house or get into a car so trips to A&E are not possible.
Why is it nothing ever goes to plan?

How frustrating for you. I know they’re busy but if they say they’ll call they should.

Hope you get some joy tomorrow xx

@NellyC i echo everything @Pontwander Alan said, be strong and don’t wait for GP. He who shouts loudest gets treated now, that’s the NHS as it stands a consultant told me that. good luck
regards Chris

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How are things hope your getting help andcsupport?:heart:

I managed to get in touch with the GP surgery and he now has an appointment for tomorrow. No explanation for why no one called yesterday. I have a list of questions and hope that at least some of them will get answered.
My husband unfortunately doesn’t want to talk to a doctor, he believes they don’t care, there is nothing they can do and what is the point. On past experience he is not wrong.
I have a lot of respect for the health service; when I had cancer a few years ago the treatment I got was second to none - just don’t seem to get the same for my husband.

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I remember when I had my stroke and was admitted. When the consultant came round after my numerous tests and scans, think he must have been of the old school philosophy, he said I had a stroke! *"Doesn’t matter that it was a “mini stroke or TIA”, they’re all strokes and could happen again at any time! The next one could be bigger and could even kill you. So, if you ever have one again, no matter how small, you dial 999 and tell them you are having a stroke. They are all life threatening! You don’t go to your GP you go straight to A&E *

That consultant put the fear of god me that day, I daren’t do anything less.
I’ve never even looked into what the difference may be between a TIA and Mini Stroke (both were mentioned in my discharge notes). I’m taking my consultants word as gospel because that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

And he’s right, because by the time you see a gp, that 4.5 hour window for any beneficial treatment of a stroke has been lost.

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