I don't get it!

Hi all, I had a brain stem stroke 29 months ago, I had to learn to walk/talk, had to be washed etc, it was in the night so took me months to except what had happened, I suffered from p.t.s.c after, I don't go out anymore, only to appointments with diabetic nurse, as panic attacks, my eyes are not as good now, I still have fatigue quite bad and I can't do half as much as I did, very frustrating, but at least I am here, big bonus, the thing I don't get is I have just recently going out there is "no damage" on my brain when I had my scan about 6 months after stroke, so if there is no damage why do I still have all these thing s that are lost stroke related? I just don't get it, any explanation would be great, thanks for reading, 

Dear Nikki

So sorry to learn of your stroke. Welcome to the forum.

Could it be that the scan hasnt found the damage, rather than there is no damage. Your symptoms have been severe, worse than mine, and my scan clearly shows the damaged area deep inside my brain.

I too had post traumatic shock and was much improved once I had had counseling for that.

The stroke that got me was during my sleep.

I try not to dwell on the stroking time. It has happened and I have survivived. I now look to how I might get myslef clear of the horrible stroke fatigue.

The anxiety is difficult but for me it is easing slowly.

I am starting a new "thread" on the site, enquiring about the damage and your posting has added to my interest.

Keep moving forward. Stay positive.

Lots of good people on this forum and we are all cheering you on. You are not alone.

Best wishes



Thank you for your kind words x