I am scared


I am Birgit from Dorchester. 

I had a Stroke last Saturday and I am very scared. 


Birgit, sorry to hear about your stroke. Of course you are scared. So was I when I had my stroke nearly four years ago. I thought I was dying. Hopefully, you have the medical care you need. At the moment, you must focus on the fact you are alive. Soon you will start to recover....slowly at first, so be patient. Please do all the exercises asked of you and stay positive.

Like most of us, you will now have weakness on one side, but this should improve. Life will not be the same, but make it as good as you can. I can walk with a stick, cook, bake and take short breaks. I am not the person Ibwas but I try to be the best I can be now.

Wishing you all the best. Ask anything you want. There are good people on here who are very supportive. You are not alone.

Hi Birgit

I think we all know that feeling, it does get better over time.  It can help to talk about what is worrying you and, if you don't have anyone there with you, at least you can be assured that there are people on here who understand.  I had my stroke in May and I am still worried but it isn't as bad as it was for the first few weeks.  I am lucky in that I am now getting back to doing most things I could before.  I just keep smiling, if something is difficult at first I just keep trying, I recognise it was quite an on my brain and that takes time to heal.  

Hi Birgit - feeling scared is normal after such a traumatic shock.  As others have advised you, these feelings will lessen over time and as your brain recovers.  It has been a very short space of time since the stroke so please be patient with yourself.  There are so many emotions & questions connected to stroke, but as a starting point, Google "A letter from your brain" - it will probably highlight many of the things your are experiencing right now, and will help you to see the way forward.   Getting plenty of rest is crucial - your brain can rewire itself if you allow it lots of opportunities.  So resting is a positive action, you are supporting your brain to tackle that vital job, and not distracting it!!

Take good care, keep posting you will receive oodles of support from the fabulous survivors on this site  ???

Dear Birgit

Welcome to our forum.

Please try to rest as much as possible. Your brain is busy making repairs and it needs rest. It will be closing you down to allow it to work away. You need to give it lots of water. It cant ask for the water, so just keep hydrated. This repair work is called "neuro plasticity". Some of us were sleeping for 15 hours a day, one or two of us for 22 hours a day. Things will improve.

The first big step is when you are discharged from hospital. You dont mention if you have been discharged yet. It can be five days and it can be five months. 

Recovery is slow. So very slow.

Only another SS (stroke survivor) can understand what you are going through.

I concentrated on what I could do rather than what I could not.

The emotional side is likely to be extreme. Hence you feel scared. It does improve. I promise you that everything improves.

Do come back and ask. So much info is held by your fellow SS and lots of us will share our experience.

You are very special. You have been chosen to live when many do not.

Bless you Birgit