I am new

Hi my name is Dave
This my first time on a Webb site like this I am sorry I just get the words down I need to. I had a TIA on Boxing Day, I find it very slow in get my follow up appointment.


Welcome Dave @Limerick89
Sorry to hear you’ve had a TIA. Hope you find lots of useful information & advice on this lovely forum.
Best wishes


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Shwmae @Limerick89, croeso, sorry to hear you’ve had a TIA, keep us posted on how you go and ask any questions or express any concerns, the forum is a helpful resource.

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So sorry to read your news but welcome to the forum!

welcome and I hope that you get your follow up appointment soon- and that it’s useful

I am also new having had a stroke in May . Has anyone tried acupuncture to help improve arm muscles?

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@AB11 welcome to the forum. Sorry youve had a stroke.

I’ve never tried acupuncture so can’t offer any help there. Just wanted to say hi.

Hope you’re progressing well.

Ann x

Hi Dave ,sorry you’ve joined us but its a good place to get advice or reassurance.
I had my PACs stroke last February and in 4 weeks time I’m having my first face to face meeting with my consultant! It’s a long wait to get to see him personally .
I have had various appointments with others in the mean time ie carotid ultra sounds ,cardiology and my GP but It’s the consultant I really want to talk to. Don’t get too down it’s scary but with help you’ll be ok.

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Hi Dave @Limerick89 never apologise. speak with your gp and or your hospital to chase up appointments. pals are always helpful, I use them and always start I am not complaining however then explain situation to them
thanks Chris

Thank you to you all for your kind words. I can go back to work on Monday but I am conserved about going it as I am a chauffeur. But no one has told me what and what I can’t do is this normal for a T.I.A to feel this way.

Hello AB11. I am trying Accupuncture at the moment. Have had 2 sessions - the second this afternoon - but so far no improvement on the left side of my body in either my leg or unruly arm! Have got another appt booked but if there’s no sign of Accupuncture helping I may give up. I have no idea how many you are supposed to need but obviously I am paying for it and no one nowadays can afford to throw money away. My Accupuncturist was very honest and said Accupuncture doesn’t always work or could work for a while but then stop. Watch this space!

Thanks for replying. I hope you start to see some benefit. I will probably try it if all else fails. I will look out for anymore details from you re acupuncture.