Hypoglycemic symptoms after stroke

Hello everyone.
About a month ago I had a stroke in my cerebellum caused by a dissection in my left vertebral arteria. It happened after some neck manipulation which caused the dissection and leave with vertigo and equilibrium problems. An angiotac and scan confirmed the dissection and the small stroke in my left cerebellum. I under clopidogrel and aspirin, also atorvastatin.
Some years ago I suffered from reactive hypoglycemia which caused me a lot of symptoms after two hours of eating, specially in the morning around 11am when my blood sugar levels would drop. This was treated by eating less sugar, reducing alcohol and generally eating well l and it got solved after several months, my insulin levels were ok.
Since my stroke I’ve been having similar symptoms to those of the Reactive Hypoglycaemia, specially about a couple of hours after eating breakfast, or some time before lunch and dinner, which I usually have around 6:30 to 7 pm.
Has anyone had these kind of symptoms? I Know that my brain is rewiring and consuming more energy than usual, and maybe this is dropping my sugar levels a bit more.
With my Hypoglycemia I remember having faint spells, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, some nausea and got confused and had trouble thinking and got a bit brainfoged which would be gone if I got something to eat. Now is kind of similar and I find myself eating with the same need and some kind of desperation and I would feel better, even when the motion sensation is kind of a constant at this point.
Does anyone relates with these?

Hope everyone is feeling better day after day. Im so scared with these and finding out how this is going to change my life, but with what I have read from this forum I have found a lot of explanations to what I’m going through.

Best wishes for you all!


@roccello Hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your stroke but i hope you find the forum a useful place to be.

I don’t have experience of your hypoglycaemia but it sounds ti me like you need to get some advice from your GP so you can get it under control so that it doesn’t make you feel worse. It could be your meds that have upset the balance but it could also be that you are using more energy right now. If that’s the case yoy may need to add some supplements to your diet.

I would definitely see your GP as soon as though.

Best wishes


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Hello @roccello
Welcome to the forum although I am sorry you had reason to join.

I guess you have “found many explanations reading” as a visitor before becoming a member?

The symptoms you describe above are unlike any I have seen other members post about - But the dissection caused by next manipulation isn’t unusual :(.
Your meds are usual :slight_smile:

I suggest you reach out to somebody with medical expertise - because I can’t point you to examples of other people’s lived experience that matches what you have posted about hypoglycemia - I can confirm nobody else has posted on the forum using that phrase

We’re good on the things we’ve heard of before…!


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Hi @roccello and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:
You really need to see your GP to rule out any underlying conditions that cause this. Or you need certain medication to better control your blood sugar level. But it’s not something to ponder about and dismiss as it can cause further significant neuronal death and cognitive impairment. So see your GP and get it under control.

Thank a lot to all for your responses.
I think I wasnt able to explain my self properly.
Im mot having blood sugar low numbers at the momment and I dont suffer from resvtive hypoglycemia anymore, got it controlled through eating better with my doctor for over 3 to 4 years now. I stay away from sugar because if I get in sweet days roll I get some crappy days that is before the stroke. My blood tests, which I have at least 2 times a year always get good numbers in sugar levels, collesterol and always in lower levels, not even close to pre diabetes. I suppose that the hypoglycemia happened because i used to be a heavy drinker in the past, and didn’t ate healthy.

Now What I’m feeling since my stroke is somehow the same as I use to feel when my energy levels began to fall because my blood sugar levels got down before I was treated for the reactive hypoglycemia.
Right now I get up in the morning and I feel deezzy, and the motion sickness still there since my main symptom for the steoke was vertigo. I eat breakfast normally around 7:30am . I have lunch usually around 1:00 pm, but at 11:30 to 12:00 I feel my energy levels go down, similar to what happened years ago with reactive hypoglycemia, after lunch most of the low energy sympotoms disappear, but I still get a bit groogy. Same happens before dinner which I have between 6:30 to 7:00pm.
I think my energy levels are low now and I need a bit more of rest amd energy from food to sustain what my brain and body are going through. Still I’ll talk with my doctor to see how can I address this. Last couple of days I,ve been eating some almonds between meals and I haven’t feel those symptoms, even though I still feel low on energy all day, I suposse some how fatigued since I’m barely passed my first month since my stroke.
Thanks a lot guys.
Good to have people relating to all this.


You could be describing fatigue but it’s not a very normal description for there are some similarities and fatigue is a very common and debilitating result that can manifest after a stroke…

There is a possibility you are suffering fatigue & you may need to rest more as you’re early days post stroke. I would check it out though as you don’t want it to progress further if it is hypoglycemia.

Dizziness & nausea, low energy & brain fog can all be associated with steoke. My stroke presented as dizziness & i still get it now 2 years on.

The problem with conditions like hypoglycemia is that the symptoms can mimic post cerebellar stroke symptoms, so it is a bit like separating the yolk from the albumen in that respect.

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You could also have some nutrient deficiency so I would definitely see your doctor and get test for that. You could be a little run down as a result of the stroke. My blood tests showed I was low in folic acid some months after my stroke. Doc put me on a high dose course for a couple weeks and that seemed to settle some of my ailments and livened me up a bit. We can burn more fuel than we take in during recovery, it’s one of the reason so many elderly patients wind up with a anaemia.

I’d suggest you phone your surgery and speak to your receptionist to see if you can book in with a nurse to have your blood tested for nutrient deficiency. You may get in far quicker than seeking a doctors appointment, and let them take it from there. But don’t “ask”, tell them you want this test done and why.

As a type 2 diabetic prone to hypo’s I always have some healthy snacks around for between meals. And have a little stash of Fredo’s chocolate in my gym back to have before my drive home after a 2hr workout. Bananas are another good one between meals as well as cashew nuts or cereal bars. I also have some cold meats to snack on straight out of the fridge, eggs are another good one.

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