Hi everyone fed up with the pain and stiffness all down my left side. Pills that don’t work, so decided to go down a different route of hypnotism. As we are told we have to retrain your brain I thought why not give it a little help lol. Got my first session on the 12th of April at 12 o’clock . so if you see somebody running around doing chicken impressions, it might be me :crazy_face::joy::joy:


Hi Martin, this is something I have considered looking into, so would be very interested to hear how your appointment goes.

Good luck tomorrow, hope it’s beneficial

Regards Sue

Hi @Martin would be interested to hear how it goes.

I’ll look out for someone foing chicken impressions :grin::grin:

Hope it works for you x

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A pal of mine has suggested this and he is a trained qualified theatre nurse who has a keen interest in hypnosis as part of recovery. I would be keen to hear how you get on.

I mey well take a similar path


I’m intrigued by this, not that I could afford it myself. Is it expensive?
Hope it goes well
All the best :+1:

Hi everyone had my first session with the hypnotist today, not very successful as I wouldn’t go under. Had a good chat on what he was going to do, was very interesting and very helpful. My problem was I couldn’t relax to be told to relax means I have to really think about it and to do that I can’t relax I know that might sound daft he spoke about myself, conscious mind, that’s the one he wanted to talk to and to do that. I’ve got to let my mind relax. I think it was all too much for me to take in and I’ve got a bit mixed up in my brain. It’s not like a hypnotist on the TV where he just walks over and says sleep and they’re asleep.:sleeping: 2 hours. I was in there for five times. He tried, but hey Ho. I’m i’m not going to give in. He says he will try again. This session I can have for nothing. What is very good of him I thought​:joy: waiting for a text from him when he will next be in Rickmansworth, so I will keep you all informed Best wishes everyone Martin


@Martin shame it didn’t go so well today but fingers crossed next time will be better. I know what you mean about trying to relax to order. Good you’re giving it another go.

Hi Martin, I am looking to do the same. My pharmacist has encouraged me to do this as she used hypnosis rather than medication for child birth.
I haven’t felt reliably better with anything medicine wise so far. For some I honestly preferred the pain.
Surprising really for someone in that role she really felt a non medicine solution was best due to things like dependency with some items, increased doses due to ineffectiveness over time,damage the medicines can cause and side effects.
Until I sort it (ms charity in Bristol offers it) I have listened to this a couple of times. Hasn’t helped directly but 30 minutes concentrating on something else doesn’t hurt.

My physio also suggested accupuncture.

Sorry it didnt progress for you as you wanted yesterday but good job not giving up. I know exactly what tou mean about habing to think hard about relaxing, im the same.
Be good to hear more about your ongoing experiences.

My neuro physio uses acupuncture which i find does work for muscle pain and tightness.

Cheers Andy

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Hi Andy
Does that work across the body or just where the needles are inserted ?
Did you need a number of sessions for it to work ?

Hi Nigel

Ive visited physios for a number of years for various injuries treatment and recovery and they are placed strategically in various trigger points to relieve pain. Ive had needles in my achilles and the back of my knee before now but post stroke the ficus now is on my frozen shoulder.

I would chat to your physio about it. They dont hurt going in or coming out…

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I’ve had acupuncture in both my knee and hip in the past and it’s worked for pain, though the hip eventually had to be replaced anyway. And as @TRFCANDY53 says, it doesn’t hurt.

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I guess the slightly odd thing with this is post stroke it isn’t necessarily a part of my leg or arm that is damaged (as it would be in a normal contact injury) but my brain interpreting signals from that area as pain.
I think how soldiers who have lost a limb still get an itch sensation in a leg that isn’t there. I have got these weird sensations in part of my body the brain forgot I had.
I am fascinated really how accupuncture would help

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Hi as the hypnotist wasn’t, that successful and he didn’t charge me. Acupuncture. Has been spoke about thought I would book up and see how that goes 3.30 on Tuesday. I will let you know how that goes. ( I do fill a bit of a guinea pig :hamster::joy::joy:)


Acupuncture has worked for me in the past and is also helping with my frozen shoulder post stroke.

Good luck with your session


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That is so good to hear Andy :+1:

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I am trying to get an appointment with the local NHS pain clinic but it’s proving difficult.
However it turns out that when I manage to get an appointment they will offer/support up to 6 sessions of accupuncture.

I was a bit surprised by this as they would only do this if there is hard evidence that it works, for some if not everyone. I thought it may be classed unproven at best but perhaps not.
I mentioned this to my physio and she said there was evidence that it works for stroke patients.


Did you try it for the general pain Lorraine ?
I would be so pleased if a non medicinal option could help


I found this online

Acupuncture is a nondrug therapy that is being used more and more often to treat shoulder pain. It is thought that acupuncture works by releasing chemical compounds in the body that relieve pain, by overriding pain signals in the nerves, or by allowing energy (qi) or blood to flow freely through the body.2 Although the exact mechanism of this treatment remains unclear, it is apparent that reproducible neurological and chemical changes occur in response to acupuncture, and that these changes almost certainly modify the response to perception of pain.


Hi had my first Acupuncture session on Tuesday I felt a bit like a pincushion :joy: she seemed to put them all over my body, even one in top of my head. Ouch, that one hurt. Then after taking them all out, gave me a massage.nothings happened as yet but she said it will take a few sessions so I’m going to go once a week for a little while see what happens. Hope all is well with you all. Martin