Hi everyone just thought I’d run this one by you. I’m 6 years post stroke following a hemorrhagic stroke which paralysed my left side. I’m thinking of having hypnotherapy to help with my anxiety and lack of confidence. I have always been a nervous person and lack self confidence and I feel that this is now holding me back in my recovery.
I am speaking to a therapist local to me this afternoon, to find out how she works and whether she thinks she can help. I am keen to hear if anyone here has had hypnotherapy and what their experience has been.

Regards Sue


Hi sue no I havnt had hypnotherapy but please keep us posted when you have. I would love to know if it helps . Love Suzywong x



I have and I found it extremely beneficial. I had a stroke 5 months ago and although the physical side of my recovery has gone quite well I really struggled with the mental side. I had hypnotherapy to help me talk through my issues and she helped me to accept what had happened and not to sink into depression. I had about 10 sessions and I’ve now stopped as I don’t need it anymore, but I’d go back again if necessary. I’d recommend it 100%, and I hope you find it useful as well.


Shwmae Sue, I did a programme of hypnotherapy for panic attacks, about six weeks I think. It was rather pricey, it was interesting and I took away some good techniques but it wasn’t conclusive for me, and the panic attacks continued. I hear that it works quite well for some people.

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Looking through the hypnotists near me, most of the services seem to be on stress, anxiety, confidence, smoking etc. The sort of things I would expect can be helped with talking therapies, perhaps CBT.

CBT courses are often free it seems and near me you can self refer.

What I am not so certain about is the genuine hypnosis aspect. Taking for example a fear/pain and brain training through hypnosis to push that away.

One concern I have, well three, it’s quite difficult to judge how qualified someone is and perhaps like acupuncture, there are no guarantees for something and that it can cost a fair bit. One hypnotist was looking at 12 week courses at £85 a go, that’s a lot for something that might not work.

Something to try for free ? Lots of others on there.

And early next year ?

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On the first one, part of the relaxation is to count backwards,300,299, 298, 297…what is surprising is focussing on this simple task can be enough and finding that you can’t get that far perhaps before nodding off. Helps to have some headphones

Hi @Susan_Jane
I havn’t used hypnotherapy so can’t give a1st hand answer of it but have heard that it’s effective for some.

What I do know is there are lots of mindfulness apps & other sources of help for anxiety reducing techniques and quiet a bit of discussion in the forum that can be unearthed with the magnifying :mag: icon - search- at the top of the page

Good luck with which ever path (s) you try


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Thanks Simon, I’ve decided to take the plunge and give hypnotherapy a try. I’ve got my first session on Thursday afternoon. I’ll let everyone know how it goes, hopefully I’ll have something positive to post, which might even be useful for someone else on the forum :crossed_fingers:

Regards Sue


Good luck, Sue
This would be a new avenue for me…
not sure what it offers stroke warriors
Ciao, Roland

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