Lorraine here have been on the forum a few times to talk about ongoing insomnia which is a massive problem for me . Am about to embark on trying hypnotherapy as I have exhausted all other options without any success. Just wondering wether anyone else out there has given this a try and wether any positive results were achieved as I will be spending a substantial amount on this but is really my last resort.

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Sorry to hear you’re struggling to find anything to help with insomnia. @Pisceslady2023 has been asking about insomnia today too. Maybe you could share some ideas.

I’ve never tried hypnotherapy so can’t offer any advice but I really hope, if you decide to try it, that it helps.

Best wishes

Ann x


See Statins......for or against - #31 by SimonInEdinburgh

Maybe useful…

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Hi, I would like to try hypnotherapy for pain.
I found a local MS centre who offer a range of treatments to MS and other brain injuries sufferers from physio but also acupuncture and hypnotherapy.

Unfortunately the hypnotherapist has left so I haven’t been able to progress.

The reason I mention it is that the charges were about half that I could find anywhere else. It wasn’t something I thought of searching for.

Be interesting to hear how you get on

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I have a consultation next Thurs to discuss wether she thinks she can help I did try acupuncture which didn’t work for me but will certainly let you know wether this helps in any way. :hugs:

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Do the palliative effects of acupuncture arrive immediately or do they take time to build up?

I was under the impression that a single session wasn’t enough to conclude whether the treatments were going to be successful. But then I’m at the opposite end of a spectrum to being knowledgeable about it.

Actually in truth I don’t even know whether it’s palliative or whether it’s effective at removing root cause

I had 2 sessions a week for about 6 weeks without any relief at all then couldn’t afford any more at the time.

That sounds pretty conclusive then

I appreciate everyone’s different so may have positive effect for some same will probably be true of hypnotherapy but will post let others know how i get on .

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I get the impression, acupuncture is like any other medicine, it will work for some but not others. I know it’s not certain in my case. One GP said to me, apart from a bit of money, what have you got to lose.

So on that basis gave it a go. It certainly helped finding it cheaper than I expected.

What I find attractive about hypnosis is that it cured my brother of his fear of heights, or more correctly sheer drops. Knowing how powerful that feeling is myself and what he can do subsequently, I can see it’s benefit.

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Hi Lorraine, how has the hypnosis gone ?

Hi nigelgos,up to now I’ve just had a consultation to see if she thought she could help. She thought she could at least help to improve things . The 2nd one was more about goals and finding out more about myself. I’m there this afternoon and next Friday for the actual hypnotherapy so will see how that goes before booking anymore so will definitely let u know how that goes. :hugs:


How did it go Lorraine ?
Looking around Bristol, the one that mentions pain is £85 a session…wish I had earned that hourly rate !


Yes my sessions are 80 to only had 1 since last posted which was more to do with relaxation and she gave me a cd to take home have another this week before going away for a week as its such a deep and long term problem this insomnia i suppose it could take some time to see any improvements . But will definately keep updating. Good luck if you go ahead.


Hi nigelgos , just to let you know have had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions since I last posted to you I have to admit not really given me any positive results with zthe insomnia to expensive to just keep going I’m afraid this is just my experience obviously other people may have a more positive experience good luck and if you find something that works please let me know.

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Shame it hasn’t helped you @Lorraine_Langham
At least you’ve given it a try.

Hope you find some relief soon xx

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Thank you yes I hope so to nearly 3 years now this insomnia has persisted really gets me down and effects my quality of life so much but try and stay positive that eventually will get better :hugs::hugs:


Hi Lorraine, thanks for coming back.

That’s a shame. Yeh I have noticed the cost and it has put me off. Especially given the variability in quality of people offering the service and no guarantees.
The local ms centre which offered acupuncture and hypnotherapy, seemingly have no urgency at all to reintroduce it, so that bit cheaper option doesn’t exist.

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Have kept the CDs she gave me as they are quite good help for relaxation just not to get you to sleep . We just have to keep plugging on and trying anything that might help good luck for the future :smiling_face::smiling_face: