Hypnosis for stroke recovery

Hello everyone
Has anyone tried hypnosis to help with stroke recovery? Ive been reading about it and thinking of giving it a try for my husband. X

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I’ve no experience of hypnosis in that respect.

Stroke is largely brain injury, so perhaps hypnosis has a relevance, a merit even.

The size of membership on this forum means that almost certainly there will be someone here who can speak from experience on this subject.

All the best to you and your husband.

Thanks for yoyr reply. I agree that it can possibly help so worth trying. I look forward to hearing about other peoples experiences. Ill let you know how it goes x

Hi, I haven’t tried it myself but have often wondered whether it might be useful. I’m looking forward to reading your replies, I’m sure someone out there has tried it.

Regards Sue

I will just add that relaxation exercises can be valuable at times.

I had a meeting with the hypnotherapist yesterday and he is going to do four sessions with my husband. We discussed relaxation, motivation, brain stimulation and visualisation. Hoping he can help getting his arms and legs moving better, his swallow, speech and cognition. Its a tall order but if he can get any improvements at all it will have been worth it in any of those areas. I will let you all know how it goes x


Thank you for keeping us posted, hope it goes well. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. I’m always up for trying new things.

Regards Sue

Thanks everyone for the good wishes. The therapist has giving us a tape that i have to play every other day for a week. It is a relaxation/motivational tape which should prepare him to accept suggestion therapy next week. Then he is going to do 3 sessions over 3 weeks to try and help him. I am hoping so much that it will do some good x

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It sounds like you are doing all the right things. My husbands not at that stage yet so im reading to him and playing music and trying to introduce him to letters and numbers. Im hoping hypnosis will speed up his recovery. He had the first suggestion therapy a few days ago. X

Hi everyone. Update on the hypnosis therapy.

My husband has had 2 sessions of suggestion therapy which has been based on motivation and self belief that he will recover and talk again, swallow again and walk again. I am really pleased to say that for the last three days that his focus and clarity have definitely improved and he has been trying to talk. I cant understand what he is saying yet but he is trying. We have another therapy session to go next week but i am praying and hoping these sessions will speed his recovery. Its a marvellous start. I am daring to hope again. I will keep you updated x


Thanks guys for your best wishes. Ill keep you updated x

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