Hypertensive Retinopathy

So… the high blood pressure that caused my bleed has also caused some signs of the eye disease Hypertensive Retinopathy. My Optician says it’s not bad but is referring me to a specialist anyway.

Does anyone else have this?

Shouldn’t have googled it!!!

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@DDMH I don’t know anything about it but sounds like it’s a high blood pressure thing. If that’s the case would controlling your BP help control/ sort it?
Dr Google is not a good idea…always shows worse case. Good to hear you’ve been referred though.
Take care xxx

Optician said the medication for BP and Statins would be stopping it from getting worse now but she wanted to refer me just to ensure I’ll be monitored going forward.

Had a real funny turn wanting in the opticians, hoping it was just anxiety :scream:

As usual I’m catastrophising.

Thank you for the xxxxxx

It’s good that they’ll be monitoring you. Hopefully the meds will continue to keep it all in check. Sounds like they will.
Hope you’re OK after your funny turn. Anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms.
Look after yourself. Have a good weekend xxxx

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Shwmae @DDMH, I had to Google this, and read on Wikipedia that “Mild signs of hypertensive retinopathy can be seen quite frequently in normal people (3–14% of adult individuals aged 40 years), even without hypertension.” So, if your Optician thinks it isn’t too bad, perhaps with care it can be managed and cared for.

Anxiety, however, throws unwanted curve balls at all the wrong times. Hope you are not overthinking too much.

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Thanks both :pray: much appreciated