Apologies if this has been spoken about before. My physiotherapist has recommended I try hydrotherapy in the hospital pool. Has anyone tried this and in what way did it help - or not! - your stroke symptoms. Have to say I’m not a fan of water and can’t swim! I do know swimming is not necessary!!

Not tried it myself but woykd be ibterested to hear others experiences

Hi, I had a few hydrotherapy sessions whilst in hospital after my stroke. Everyone said it would be amazing and be very helpful but to be honest I didn’t feel like that. Like you I not a lover of the water and can’t really swim but thought I’d give it a go but was very disappointed. I had a few a sessions just before being discharged and didn’t feel the need to try again after I was back home. Sorry not to be more helpful and encouraging, nothing to lose by giving it a go. Good luck and I hope it works for you.

Regards Sue

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying. My physio said that she would have recommended hydrotherapy pool for me but it was closed due to no staff :rofl: I did try swimming when I went away last year & found it easier than I thought I would. It does help you lift limbs etc as it takes the gravity away. I’m not a fan of swimming so not tried it at home. Give it a go you never know it may just be the breakthrough you need.