How would you feel about receiving a stroke survey from the NHS?

The NHS and Stroke Association are working in partnership to produce the first Stroke Patient Experience Survey. This will be sent later on this year to everyone in England who is between 4 and 8 months post stroke.

This is a very exciting project and the first time we will do this. We hope the results will let us know what is working well and what needs to be improved for future stroke patients.

We would like to know how Stroke Survivors might feel about receiving this survey in the post, and how we can reassure them that we have permission to do this and that the survey is legitimate.

We’d like to hear your views by answering these 7 questions: Microsoft Forms

The cover letter can be seen in the photos, if you would prefer this emailed to you please contact

I would really like to help with this on behalf of my family - however my Mum had a major stroke 12 months ago - why the cut off of 8 months? Surely following a major stroke people 8 months in are still in the midst of coping and issues haven’t gone away after 8 months e.g. we are still waiting for a CHC assessment / still chasing for random NHS physio sessions / still trying to work out what the nursing home that we are paying for should provide (if anything) over and above basic care / still trying to work out how to help Mum recover (she is paralysed on her right side and has serious short term memory issues) / and trying not to think about the fact that her GP perhaps didn’t make the right decision on her medication per stroke. Will there be opportunities for people with this longer term experience of the system to feed in? Thank you.

Hi @Sarahjen apologies I missed your reply.
If you would be able to drop me an email on I will be able to send you over some more information about this project.