How to install the Discourse Hub app

The My Stroke Guide app is built on the Discourse platform which comes with an app. This makes it easy to use the forum on your mobile or tablet. This video shows you how to download the app and connect to My Stroke Guide on an iPhone.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions below to download it on your Android smartphone or tablet.

  1. Open Google Play or the App Store on your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Search for Discourse and click on the “DiscourseHub” app

  1. Click “Install” to install the app on my phone.

  1. Enter the sites address and click the blue button + Add your first site

  1. Tap the blue “Connect” button.

  1. Log in to the forum
  • Green box: Or login with your Google account by clicking “Sign up or log in using Google”
  • Red box: Log in using the email you registered with or username, or you can click “Skip the password; email me a login link” to log in with a link.

Once you are logged in to the forum you can post replies and start new discussions.

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When will this be available to non-iPhone users?(I can download the Discourse Hub App already)

Hello Minnie, you should be able to download Discourse on Android. Once downloaded you need to put in SA forum web address and follow the steps. Then you are connected.

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Thanks @Rups, I haven’t been able to hook my Android up to my screen to do a demo but I should’ve mentioned you can get the Android version.

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Thanks Rups. That worked.

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