How to create New and Linked topics on the forum

Continuing the discussion from Access to your medical records and others:

Hi @DeAnn When you click on a Reply button; to create a new Linked topic (post/thread), as Simon said, when you click on the Reply button, in the top left corner you will see the avatar and name of the person you are referring to next to a right arrow button

Click the arrow and then the Reply as linked topic option and that will start a whole new thread for you with a link back to this post you’ve spun off from.

And now you just need to give it a topic title, select what category you want to put it in from the drop down menu on the left below the title or just leave it as general. You can add tags to it if you want. And then you start typing and click on Create Topic when you’re done.

And to start a brand new thread of your own just click on the
+New Topic button top right of your home screen and fill out the Topic title, Category and Tags as above and away you go.

Image from Mobile phone

Image from Desktop

And this is how a linked post is created, by clicking on the blue text at very top that says Continuing the discussion from [Access to your medical records and others] that will take you back to the post you were referring to.

Edit: This may all be clear as mud to me as I write it :blush: But not necessarily to anyone else so don’t be afraid to say so if its not you. :smile:


Mine looks different from yours but I did get it. I have accidentally found both keyboard shortcuts and how to switch to mobile view from desktop view…unfortunately, not how to switch back. LOL. Oh, the joys of re-learning things that should have come to mind as a second nature!


You switch back in the same manner
that is to say use the three line ≡ hamburger :hamburger: menu in the top left hand corner of desktop and in the top right hand corner of mobile

When that menu pane opens go to the very bottom and the icon that is in the bottom right hand corner of the menu pane is the alternate mode

so it is the mobile when in desktop :desktop_computer: mode and it is the desktop when in mobile :iphone: mode

You can even swap mode while in the middle of writing a post!!



Thank you! Now I am finally back to what I am used to looking at! I didn’t know how I did it, so couldn’t get back to it. LOL. My new brain in progress!