How long for recovery to be noticeable

Good morning to everyone probably asked this question before

Hubby stroke was Christmas eve he couldn't move left side he was in hospital for a while then respite home home 23rd April 

We had physio for 6 weeks when he was at home and I took him swimming now his left leg such a improvement he can lift it up bend it but left arm dead nothing 

Also he don't get physio but he had go hospital to have build up shoe but no physio was suggested to follow up using this shoe 

My husband want be able to move from the bed to a chair andthen using a walking frame be able to walk around the house 

Help me please how can I help my husband attive this and how long will the recovery take am I fighting a losing battle I try my best to help him but am useless when I don't know how to help him with his standing 


You should have a look at a charity called ARNI (Action for recovery from neurological injury). They have trainers that will come out to you to do exercises to help recovery. If that's ot an option then they have books and DVD which have exercises that he can work on. Their website is

Its is possible to learn how to safely perform a transfer from chair to bed and vice versa, also if necessary chair to commode. I stress that it is adviseable to have physiotherapy guidance with this as it is possible to ‘go wrong’. It shouldn’t take long to pick up the method and it does improve independence. You should say specifically that you would like to be able to do this.
Learning to stand might take a while to do properly, but would involve strength, balance and coordination which are all an excellent set of qualities for progressing further.
A very useful quality to acquire is patience, which will set you up to begin tackling the work on rehabilitation that is ahead of you.
All the best from another who has experienced a stroke, Bob