how long does ongoing fatigue last?

Hi Steve and welcome.

My stroke was the same as yours i.e., a middle right infarct which affected my left arm and leg. I also had no speech problems or drooping face so it took a while for hospital staff to work out I actually had had a stroke!  I have since read that it depends on which side your stroke happens and whereabouts as to whether speech and face is affected or not. How much of that is true, I'm not sure.

I would echo what everyone else says in that 6 months is early days and rest is important to allow your brain to re-wire. Don't try and fight it otherwise your brain will shut you down as you have experienced when you shopped and did too much. It starts with a sudden 'crash' and your legs feel like lead. I also had a strange feeling of not being aware of where I was or what was happening.  It feels like you are trying to walk in a swimming pool but can't find the other end.  All you want to do is lay down and rest. It does go off as you say but the harder you fight it, the longer the 'crash' lasts!

Don't worry about memory, have a laugh and joke about it. It does get better over time but your brain is too busy trying to get itself back into some kind of order so memory is on the back burner for it in the early days. I was told to rest for no more than 45mins. Total bed rest, no phone, no interruptions, no TV etc to rest your brain but don't fall asleep as this makes you feel worse and can affect nightime sleep.  

Take care and let us know how you are doing.

Dear Steve

very sensible, take it slowly. Get yourself more fit as you go along. A short flat cycle sounds good. 
You have a good  attitude. However, you are not lucky to have a stroke. Dont put yourself down. A stroke is a right pain. Many of us get good recovery. Probably many months or a few years, but we do get there.


keep smiling.

be positive

lots of us here for you. You are not alone



Hi had my worst stroke on my right side ,when i had unruptured brain anyrism and had a crainiotomy in 2018. Couldnt walk talk or see in left eye, have slowly getting over it and still alive which im grateful for.

Hi John thanks for the link. I read it and so did my wife and we both think it's exactly what I've got.  It'd given us some relief to know what it is :-)

Hi onwardsandupwards

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Thanks for the info.  It sounds like we were both very lucky!  Yes, that's exactly what I felt, like I had really heavy legs and desperate to rest.  I take your point at getting some rest but not falling asleep.  I have a pair of noise cancelling headphones and like to listen to music at times.  I think I'll structure this in the day (in case I forget lol) and get some rest with some music.

Actaully I got up today and had a blast from the past.  I was diagnosed as bipolar around a decade ago and the low periods symptoms were me being tired and blank and doing nothing apart from watching TV.  This could last a few weeks which was so... BORING!!!!

Although I wasn't working, I was referred to occupational health and met a wonderful lady called Ros.  She explained that if I was overwhelmed by a task, I should cut it in half.  If I'm still overwhelmed, cut in half again and again until it's manageable.  I think that was the best advice I ever had.

Without rambling on forever (sleepy yet?) I had to do 2 DIY jobs round the house and had to buy 2 things from the local shop.  I found this completely overwhelming, so I went out, bought the 1st thing and did the job.  Once finished, I went out, bought the second thing and did the second job.  Sounds a bit crazy but who cares?  I got both jobs done lol.

I think now's the time to implement this again and set myself reasonable goals for the day.  I'm going to start with 1 goal a day, even a small one and build up from there.  The goal could be a bike ride, even just a mile or work on our rainwater system.  Yesterday I picked up a pallet for it so that's an achievement.

I think to feel good, I need to make progress and the trick is to accept any small amount of progress as exactly what it is.  Progress.  I also need to not set the goals too high and be patient.


OK ramble over.  Have a good day everyone! :-)



Hi Steve - you're totally "on this" you will be great at breaking tasks down, and making assessments about what you can do!!  You are doing a great job - keep up the good work, we'll look forward to hearing from you ??

Hi Nicabella

That's nice of you, ta muchly!

It's true I have experience of this from previous issues but I know I'll have to exercise a lot of patience but it'll be worth it!

My goal today is to go metal detecting on the beach.  Not for any specific time, but until I've had enough.  The long term goal is to find that gold diamond-studded viking crown, but that might take a while lol.

Later I'll take a look at the rainwater system.  It's full of water and I'd like to fit another barrel to it without losing water whcih should be fun, but that's an optional one after searching for the gold crown lol.

Keep Smilin' :-)


HaHa, I love history and hope you find something special - very exciting!!

Hi Colin,

Thanks for your reply, sorry for not getting back sooner but working hard looking after my girls at the home where I work doing shifts. I have managed to lose 10 lb so (since Oct 17 ), so very happy with that. This I have done by eating off a smaller plate so having smaller portions. Not buying any goodies at the shops, so nothing comes home so, no temptation. Work is also supporting me in this. It does get easier and when you can see results it encourages you to carry on.

Stay safe and enjoy your christmas period as much as possible.


Forever.... seems.

Hi. I had what is considered to be a mild stroke 4 months ago at 62. While I had no major physical constraints the main issue even on a short walk was a complete lack of energy and breathlessness. This went on for 6-8 weeks post stroke and now I'm almost back to normal, but the 'fatigue' wall does hit you occasionally and I've found that you have to try and recognise when you have done too much and stop.  This takes a bit of getting used to, but it's better to rest up than the alternative, or so my wife tells me. Everyone tells me it does get better. Take care

I had a stroke in 2008 amd my daily tiredness, feebleness and allround lack of energy is actually gtting worse.  Is this common?  Will it ever end?

Hi Lewis

Had my stroke 3yrs ago I still get tired and out of breath I do a little each day and feel proud of what I have done... It can take many years to over come this tiredness so do what you can when you want to... Don't let it get you down many are feeling the same but we have to fight it... Mine is walking at the moment my good leg gives in under me but I get by best I can... So do what you can and feel proud of what you have done... Dollymouse

Hi Lewis , long time ! , what sort of stroke & have any of your problems improved over the years. Cerebellar stroke, 2 years on,  EXTREME S/F , mobility not good. Like you , possibly last 3 months feel slightly gone backwards,  ie . Retire to bed more , find conversations,  extremely tiring. I poss feel , I would try to accept this / but still try to remain positive.  Good talking David. 

Hello, I am recovering from a stoke bleed, 6 weeks ago, which has affected my left side leg, arm . I am coping quite well at home now and gaining strength with physio etc but the fatigue side is the most limiting factor. Some days I feel ready to undertake my physio exercises and other days I feel tired slow and listless.

My Occup therapy support people are excellent but have said " listen to your body, it'll tell you what you're capble of doing, some days more than others but dont beat yourself up if you have a day off. So I think this advice seems sensible no matter how long ago your attack may have been.A stroke definitely has profound changes and coming to terms with its effects is perhaps the hardest part?

I had a stroke in august 2018 and have had various amounts of fatigue and though I have improved I still find if I do anything I tire very quickly and want to have a bit of a nap, still we must keep going I have met other's who are far worse off so will try not to complain too much


sorry to hear about your stroke hope you ok..

Yes fatigue is a nightmare and you definitely need to rest when your body is telling you to, and coming to terms for me was definitely the hardest If im

honest I don’t think I fully have yet. Hope you have a good day 

I had my stroke in March this year,I was told it was in my brain stem, I'm 50 years old and I still get tired and feel I have no energy. Some days I take a nap in the day and then some days I'm not too bad, getting my 1st appointment since my stroke end of this month so I may learn a bit more then

Fatigue is a very personal post stroke symptom as it presents differently for every stroke. I had my first stroke in 2004 and due to a blood condition had a few more strokes soon after, I was unfortunately diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) after so many issues close together.

Fatigue has always been the thing that i feel has stopped me having a "normal Life" and i had to learn to be kind to myself very early on, just to cope with the normal day to day stuff.

Taking time to reset and pace yourself with tasks can help. It can be so easy to pressure yourself to do everything like before, then your fatigue gives you a pounding and you feel like a failure.

Little steps make the process easier for me, but as everyone reacts differently its all about finding whats right for you, and being kind to yourself. Keeping a diary can help you find your limits for tasks.

Be open about how you feel with those around you, i lost friends as i pushed them away, knowing that i couldn't do the normal things like before. i never gave them a chance to accept the new me and i regret that i did that. If they ask questions be honest. people can surprise you if you let them.

Just Do you and love yourself too.

Sarah x