How long do these feelings last

Woke early this morning and feel so low and weepy again. These feelings are so not how I normally am I think that’s why I find them hard to cope with. Will probably feel better later it just seems to be on waking up I feel like this. It’s such a strange feeling which I can’t seem to control. Do others feel like this, how do you manage it. 

Hi there. I do not get weepy, but I still get low from time to time, because I cannot do what I want to. My worst bugbear is dreams that I can walk normally and run again. These started early on and are always convincing. However, I now am certain, even as I dream, that this is not true. Last night I dreamt I was walking down a lane with and old friend and jumped up on a wall to walk along it. Even when I feel low I will not let the mood last, but tell myself to get on with things. I hope these moods pass.

Dera Mo2

Emotionality is an after effect of stroke. It does ease. Perhaps two years before mine reduced to a very low level. 

Another factor is that, if you go to bed "low" you are likely to wake up "low". Forcea smile or two to reduce the impact. Massage your petuitry gland. 

Then of course it could be dreams. I get bad dreams and sometimes night terrors. LAst night was awful. I exploded a nuclear bomb in a seaside town. Where did that come from ?? 

But it all eases over the months. Do have faith in your own ability to overcome all this post stroke malady.


Hi there - Colin is right, it's really important to find something to lift your spirits and to induce a smile.  It's a frightening experience to wake up feeling so low, wondering how you'll make it through the day.  You probably need someone else to provide the smile opportunity.  After reading Colin's posts, and his insistence on smiling ? I made sure that I did something every day to make my husband smile or laugh.  It's not easy, when you're in a stressful situation it's difficult to generate laughs.  I decided that the smiles would probably have to be at my own expense - now I can't even remember the stupid things we laughed at, but it sort of gets easier, and it doesn't need to be sophisticated humour.  I even sometimes sat and smiled at him, relentlessly, until he laughed at me!  So, you need to find someone who can be your smile buddy, probably your children will provide a rich seam of amusement, or surely just thinking about how gorgeous they are will raise a genuine smile ?.  

I'll share a recent silly moment: I had to have lazer surgery on my eyes, and needed to have eye drops post-procedure.  I decided to give this responsibility to my husband ... the first time he did it from such a great height that it just went everywhere except into my eye, this just made us laugh so much, eventually I only had to pick up the bottle and shake it for us both to start giggling.  

Go and find that smile buddy, your family will be pleased to help, if you know you can smile it's not such a frightening place.  Really hoping that this all passes soon and you can look to happier times.  Best wishes - ?? xx

It is a great bonus if the smiling is a result of laughter or happiness. However, it works 90% if the smile is forced, false or fake. I could bang on about the medical reasons, but truth is, that a smile will reduce melancholy. I try to smile four times a day.It makes an istant difference for us SS. It works well partly because we arent too busy with other tasks. Before stroke I would be running a million MPH and doing tasks all the time. Now its all quiet and enforced rest.

Good luck to you all



We are all different, but here's how I try to keep my spirits up:



Thanks for your reply Colin, this emotionality is a right pain. I’ve worked out that it’s probably the tablet I take to help me sleep that’s made me feel so down today. The dose was increased about a week ago and when I’ve read the leaflet it says you may get depressed which is not what you need. I’ve also had trouble getting to sleep. It has made my tinnitus a lot worse as well which I can’t bear. 

Tomorrow is a new day. So here’s hoping for a better day. Will keep on smiling though it does help.

Hope you don’t have any more bad dreams Colin, no blowing places up. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream, don’t think I’ve had any dreams since I had my stroke in February but my short term memory is bad so maybe I just don’t remember. 

Thanks for your lovely reply it is frightening waking up feeling so bad, I’m sure it’s due to the antidepressants I take at night to help with the symptoms of the stroke - I had a lacunar stroke in February which effects memory and emotions most of all I think. 

The more I read on this site you realise that emotions go haywire after a stroke. This is what I can’t cope with at the moment and some days ( like today) are worse than others. I do try to stay positive and smile like Colin prescribes but sometimes it’s hard. Today I met a friend who I last saw 2 days before I had the stroke and I think it all got to me, I’ve been tearful most of the day which is not like me at all.

Heres hoping tomorrow will be a better day. I’m starting to make Christmas cakes this weekend - well as long as I remember that is. 

Thanks for the eye drops story. I have to put drops in my eyes at night as I have high pressures which can lead to glaucoma. Have to say I forgot quite often in the early days following the stroke. I usually put them in in the dark before I go to sleep and it can be a bit hit and miss as to whether they go in your eye or on your face which is quite funny.

Have a lovely weekend.



My eye treatment was to prevent glaucoma - so hope that's going to work for me.

Very good luck with the Christmas cakes, just the thought of the smell makes me smile!!  I once made Christmas cakes in October so that I could spike them with the necessary alcohol - my dog found them and nibbled the corner off of one of them!!  GGggrrrrr

Make a big wish when you stir that mixture ?? xx

Love the smell of the cakes when they are cooking. Hubby gets to clean the bowl, it’s a family tradition which goes back to the 70’s. he’s the chief taster. Will definitely make a wish this year.

Im prescribed Latanaprost eye drops by our eye hospital which seem to keep the pressure down. Must admit I missed a couple of months when I first had the stroke, I was a bit all over the place with my memory which (touch wood) seems to have settled a bit. 

Have a good weekend.

Hi I think we all feel that one at some time,  all I can say is it gets slightly easier with time, I am one year post stroke and some days I can yell in frustration because what I cant do and others I could cry with what I have lost, but them I tell myself I am lucky to be here with my children and grandchildren, to see them grow.  Its hard when you feel that way try to have a picture by you that you see when you wake up, I have one of my life long friend and it allways makes me smile. xx

Ah, thanks for that tip. I’m away upstairs to make my husband giggle! It’s what we both need. Now what can I do,,,,,,,,,,,,Hmmmmmm???

Well! Didn’t dare! He’d just emerged from the shower so I was extra kind to him instead lol! ? This is my first post on the carers link and you can see us both. We’re on top of the world (pre Stroke) - Penshaw Monument. It’s accessible up a tiny staircase in one of the pillars. Veronica