How do you stop worrying?

Having a bit of a meltdown today, my BP and meds should have been reviewed yesterday by my GP (I didn’t realise until yesterday) but the appointment didn’t get arranged. I now have an 'phone appointment for a review next Tuesday with a Clinical Pharmacist.

The GP Discharge Letter (I have a copy) says that the GP should NOT continue one of my meds (Amlodipine) after yesterday, so now I don’t know whether to carry on with it.

Has anyone any experience of being put on Amlodipine and Doxazosin but taken off Amlodipine after 14 days?

As I can’t get to see a GP I think I may be back to A&E tomorrow!

@DDMH is there a pharmacist at your surgery? You could always ask them. Or ring the secretary of your consultant & ask them for advice. You could always try 111 too. Save you a long wait in a&e tomorrow.

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Hi all

Best I could get was a phone consultation on Monday morning!

I rang the stroke unit at the hospital who told me to speak to my GP although they said they’d try to have someone get back to me but it was up to me if I stopped taking the Amiodipine before I was able to see my GP!

So, I took the Amiodipine and shortly felt dreadful with all the symptoms of low blood pressure!

I’m going out to get my BP checked now but wondered if anyone ended up with low BP after being put on medication?

Hi all

Just wanted to say thanks for the good advice, I finally got myself to A&E yesterday after a video consultation with a Senior Registrar from The London arranged by NHS 111.

Scan confirmed no further bleeding, and the conclusion was that I’ve probably been feeling so grotty because of side effects from my meds and a hefty dose of anxiety!

Now what I’d like to ask is did anyone get a bit obsessed with this site when they first found it? I find myself constantly checking for new posts - assume I am finding comfort in connecting with others who have shared an experience?

Is it usual?

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@DDMH glad you’ve been checked over & no new bleed. Hopefully you’ll feel less grotty as time goes on. The anxiety will lessen 8n time.

As for this site I did find initially I was checking often…that too lessens in time although it is a great way to connect with people :grinning: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Popping in here is one of the things I do as part of my day.

Some years ago I realised it was important to work out the priorities of my life.

Being somewhat laid back definitely is a priority. Ignore it at your peril.
If one continues to maintain stress levels to the point of not caring for yourself properly, yourself will eventually about turn and solidly zap you so you have to ease up.

Illnesses, even heart attacks, strokes are signs of a driven individual in need of taking the foot off the gas pedal.

If an hour spent looking through the Forum is a distraction from everyday cares, then it is an hour well spent.

Learn how to look after your well-being.
All the best.

Bob :smiley:


It’s hard work I did this and I stop worrying about the stroke sxxt and do what you want to do if you go to to a&e just do it don’t worry be happy

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Hi found this really useful to read as I need to do this but how thanks for this advice

@DDMH I had my stroke on 12th February and I was like yourself very scared. I realised the only people who would understand are the people you will find on this forum who have experienced what we have. All the little twitches and headaches and strange sensations leave you in a state of anxiety when we don’t understand what the body is up to. I have found the re-assurance and help on here is invaluable and the gentleness and friendliness of people is fabulous. i also check in here frequently because that’s what I need now. It’s just like a chat with a good friend who undertands what you are going through. I remember lying in bed shaking with fear and then worrying that the anxiety would provoke another stroke, so I joined this forum. Please know that although we are not with you in body that does not lessen the support. Best wishes to you.

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@DDMH I’m just noticing your post was in June 22 how are you doing now?