Hot flushes - is it normal?

Hi all. I had a stroke 2 weeks ago, caused by artery dissection. I am home now and recovering quite well, but yesterday I started having these hot flashes. These come suddenly and last maybe 5 min, but I sweat a lot and feel seriously hot. If standing, I have to sit down. Is that normal or should I be contacting gp?
I should say I am only 34 and I am on lower dose of aspirin at the moment.

Thank you both @Loshy @Mahoney . This is very helpful. I am struggling to find any information online as to what to expect in the first weeks and what not to worry about. I know it is all very individual, but some overview would be helpful. Do you find the same?

I will call gp tomorrow just for a chat.

I am on this forum only for 2 days and it is so wonderful that everyone is so supportive! I wish you all lots of health.

Hi @Loshy, thanks for the message. I seen a gp and got heart scan and he thinks this can be just one of the body responses to trauma of the stroke.

Can I ask how were you put in touch with stroke nurse please? My consultant was great, but short with time. When leaving the hospital I got his secretary phone number in case I have questions, but feels a bit wrong to bother him…

I hope you are well.

Hi @Pontwander

Thanks for the message! I am very sorry to hear your story. I hope you are continuing to make a good recovery.

I think your tips are great and I can totally relate to what you are saying. I started a diary now :slight_smile:

Gp was very concerned when I visited and did ecg with positive outcome. As you suggested, he concluded it is only a recovery reaction of the organism to trauma. I know people say it is all individual, but I would still find it comforting to have a list of what could be expected…

I M sorry you had to go back to hospital. I remember being rather stressed in the first nights when I arrived home, when your body is still tingling and weird sensations happen. I had a first night last night, when I was thinking about life when I woke up, not about the stroke or current symptoms. It feels amazing. I hope it gets more common at your stage of recovery!

All the best,


Shwmae @magdalenacz, I can’t say what may be normal for your condition but I had and still do get hot flushes. I have assumed these are little anxiety pangs, as although uncomfortable, they pass after about five minutes. In the first few months after stroke, they would come on quite strongly, and I would start sweating. Even now, I do get them, as if I am overheating but not as intense. It’s as if my thermostat has blown from maybe too much stimulation.

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@Rups thank you for the message! I feel the same and also realised that I cannot stand high temperatures anymore. Just like you describe. Thank you for sharing this. I hope it goes away for you. All the best.

I get hot flashes all the time since my stroke. Unrelated to menopause. I sleep with a window open at night no matter what the temperature. I bought a “cooling blanket” which help shorten the duration of the hot flash. I should look for a pillow too! Take are everyone