So I go out for few hours and end up in hospital couldn’t make it up teach me

Sorry to hear this Mickeyboy. Hope you weren’t hurt too much.

@Mickyboy so sorry to hear this. Hope you’re doing OK now. Try not to let it knock your confidence you were doing do well.
Take care & best wishes xx

Mickyboy. How did this happen? Are you ok no? Lilian.

Couldn’t breathe and couldn’t walk more than 10 steps bp through the roof heart was racing ambulance staff we’re waiting for me to go, got to hospital there were ready for me everything happened so fast next thing I’m on ward with 5 other men same as me, felt really sorry for one as he couldn’t stop crying he was a lot younger the rest of us over 65, and while in there one was diagnosed with prostate cancer how unlucky is that now waiting for rest of results :woozy_face: mick

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Mickeyboy–I was wondering where you were. So sorry to hear you landed in the hospital. Hopefully they’ll find out the cause and maybe just have to adjust your meds or something. You’ll be in my prayers tonight. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: Jeanne

Wishing you well @Mickyboy and hope you feel better soon

Hope you are feeling better. What a shock for you. Thinking of you. Lilian

@Mickyboy hope you’re feeling a bit better today & the hospital have managed to diagnose the issue.
Take care & speedy recovery xx

Thanks for all your support second day at home still on meds and tired but can walk a bit further now, chest still hurts but hopefully once antibiotics have done there bit will feel better, this has really knocked me for six, felt something was wrong for a while and right side a lot weaker now took me ages to walk around ward had to hold on to rails all the time, thanks mick :woozy_face:


@Mickyboy good to hear you are home. You will need to take it easy for a bit. Being in hospital is exhausting without everything else you’ve got going on too.
Look after yourself xx

Mickyboy- You’ll get stronger and stronger as days go by now that you’re home. Landing in the hospital knocks the stilts out from under one. Just the experience is exhausting because of the trauma and drama of it all. So you have to heal from that too, as well as the physical part. Here’s something to make you smile.:slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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