Hospital release

My dad has recently suffered a significant stroke, whilst he is physically ok, he has suffered significant cognitive damage
Hospital is looking to release him on Friday. The nurses today informed my mum that she will be his sole carer. Once he leaves the hospital they have told her that he will need 24/7 care and will not be allowed to be left alone. They said that there won’t be any support for her. I can’t believe this when they are both in their late 70’s
Grateful for any help. Im worried that once he’s discharged it’ll be more difficult for my mum to get any help at all

@george23 sorry to hear about your dads stroke. I am shocked to hear about your dad being released from hospital without the required care being in place. I can only imagine it’s because he is physically ok. I would speak with the occupational therapists at the hospital and talk through all your concerns. When I was in hospital following my stroke they talked to me about the support I had at home & because I was having mobility issues they wouldn’t let the hospital release me until they were content I would be safe at home. Social services may also be able to help although not sure they could help before Friday. I can only advise you talk through all your concerns with the OTs & consultant & see if that helps. I hope you manage to get something sorted. Best of luck

Thank you so much. My mum has cancer so I’m worried for her health too and the impact of being sole carer. Also how will she still be able to make all her hospital appointments. Only one person is allowed in hospital so will write a list of things my mum feels she ought to mention :slight_smile: thank you again

@george23 it is very difficult when you can’t go in to speak to the staff yourself. Writing a list of questions is a good idea. I wonder if you are also able to ring the hospital & speak to the OT / Consultant too? Worth a try perhaps.
Hope your mum’s cancer journey goes well & you get the care sorted. You’ve definitely got plenty on your plate.

Thank you
She raised with them today “what will happen when I have to go into hospital for my appointments” their response “you will have to ask a neighbour to be with him”
It just doesn’t seem right to me