Hospital refusing to accept GP referral

First of all thanks to everyone who replied to my original post “getting worse not better” I’ve been off line for a while as still no better. I am six months into my stroke now and things still remain bad but at least Due to your kind replies I have an understanding as to what is happening to me despite the efforts of NHS to gaslight me into submission. Im now practicality bed ridden with breathlessness which brings on chest pain and overwhelming fatigue. After waiting for over a month to see GP he referred me to Leeds General Infirmary who discharged me after my hospitalisation without my knowledge. I only found this out when I went to see GP and I was astounded. To make matters worse I have just received a letter yesterday to say that they are REFUSING to accept the GP latest referral. Has anyone had a similar experience and is it common.

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@Maggers i’ve just put a suggestion against your post on the worse after stroke topic. Persevere with your GP & convince them to retry.

Good luck.

Ann x

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Thanks for your good advice. Ive done this.
.He is not in might hear back when he returns. Most annoying thing about hospital letter is its not signed by person who made such a decision. Signed "The appointment booking service " :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: meanwhile :mending_heart: