Hospital appointment today didn't happen

My letter came for the consultant following on from my eye test last week.  Be there for 0925 - no mention of what would happen, no mention of who I was seeing but they did manage to put a map in with the 2 line letter to show me how to get there.

Arrived at 0845 - had a coffee. Walked over for my appointment on time. Waited 40 minutes before I was taken into a side room with two nurses who told me I was going to be given two lots of eye drops with a time lapse of an hour in between each set and each set took 20 mins to work.  I asked if I would be OK to drive home after all these drops - No came the answer!  No mention of this on the letter only that I would see the consultant.  I was furious. Why wasn't this mentioned in the letter I asked.  Apparently it depends on where the letter came from? ??  Err, the hospital.  Once bolshy nurse said "Is this an issue?" - Yes when I have driven from another town, was paying for parking at extortinate rates and apparently I would be a minimum of 6 hours before I could be considered fit enough to drive home!

They had a word with the consultant and explained I hadn't received the correct letter so she is referring me again and this time I must be dropped off or get a taxi.  Wonderful service as usual - not.