Hospital appointment finally

hi everyone just wanted to let you know gary has finally got a hospital appointment to have a pre assessment for his hemi craniotomy operation 

we have been told once he has this procedure done he should be able to go strong on his physio which he’s really looking forward to

wish us luck we’re there at 11-30 today ?

That's good news you have a hospital appointment. Good luck to you and Gary, June. Do let us know how it goes!

thank you we will ?

unfortunately it didn’t go to plan after having a few tests apparently they aren’t happy with his bloods so back to square one and we have to wait another weeks to go back ?

That's disappointing, but don't let it put you off, Gary has made progress and that's a good thing - keep up the positive approach, always heading forward.  Take care smiley

we’re really trying nic honestly but it’s hard when everything seems to be going wrong.

we got back from the hospital to find a letter from the pip for gary saying they still haven’t made a decision about if he’ll get it yet and it’s going to take a few weeks to sort out...x

It's truly horrible when things keep turning out in the opposite way to what you expect.  It is a setback - and it's such a struggle to keep going.  

I applied for a Blue Badge a couple of years ago when I was waiting for a knee replacement.  Initially they turned me down - standard letter, very annoying.  I decided to challenge their decision, I went through the rejection letter almost word by word, made notes of everything that I disagreed with, or felt that they hadn't considered, then phoned the department and gradually took their letter apart.  Initially the person was quite dismissive, but I was very insistent that she gave a full explanation of why she was refusing to give me a Badge.  Eventually she relented and agreed to properly consider my application - about two days later I received notification that I would be given a blue badge.  So ... keep the pressure on, try to get some support from a medical professional to back-up your PIP claim.  I'm sure that someone from the Stroke Association will be able to guide you with your claim.  I get rather worked up about these things, as none of us have deliberately made ourselves ill, stroke is not a lifestyle choice, the consequences are like ripples in a pond, and we need help.  

Just climbing down from my soap-box ... tomorrow is another day, and hopefully you will receive some messages with practical advice about pushing forward with your claim.  

Take care x

as always you make me see things differently nic

we are going through a really low point at the moment, i wish I hadn’t give my job up so soon even though I had no option as there wasn’t anyone else to care for gary 

i cant claim Carers Allowance till gary gets pip so we’re basically living on nothing.

think that was why I was so happy to get his hospital appointment so at least it felt like something was going our way for once. 

Your kind words made me feel better somehow so thank you nic x

Hi June, I can only give very generalised comments, but hopefully someone who's been through the claims process may know the best way to move forward.  

Fingers crossed for you x

thats excellent news good luck with the operation and afterwards onward and upwards

thank you so much for your message..but unfortunately the op has been cancelled something about his bloods been abnormal so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see 

Hi june how did things go?? Xx

hi karen hope your good.

sorry iv been a bit quiet lately things haven’t been good with gary, the hospital appointment didn’t go well and the op has been put on hold for a while. Things are a bit tense here at the moment and it feels like we’re trying to hold things together but failing.

Anyway how’s things with you and is your dad enjoying his bit freedom driving about x

Hi June, sorry to hear things didn't go too good.

thank you joy 

It was a setback but hopefully we’ll get another appointment soon x

It is tough, hang on in there....make sure you are looking after yourself!! Someone once said to me it's like being on a plane in a emergency you can't help others until you put your own oxygen on!!

dad is enjoying his freedom, still having his moments few months back I wouldn't have believed he could drive again. Yesterday he took himself off to the chip shop for his dinner double treat, whilst mum and I had a mother daughter day.

take care xxx

I'm so pleased for you and your parents.  It's amazing what can happen even when things seem so bleak at the beginning.  Love the oxygen analogy - so true! xx

haha love the chip shop visit ?

Don't think he would have told mum....however the ketchup on his shirt gave it away ???

he sounds like my kind of dad ??