Hoping to start a stroke survivors group, in Central Scotland, who get together


My name is Ruth and I had 2 strokes, 6 weeks apart, aged 30 (I am now 34). I have been in hospital many times throughout my life, for I have numerous medical defects, some from birth, that made me have 2 strokes later on.

However, I have now trained to be a Volunteer Stroke Association Ambassador. After much communication with various people who work full-time for the Stroke Association, it has been decided that we should try to set up a Stroke Survivor's Group near where I live, in Central Scotland. We are thinking maybe a group that meets in Edinburgh one month, Stirling the next (we don't exactly know the details yet). Maybe Glasgow too. It's all quite vague, because, first.......

.........we need some people! If you are a stroke survivor, or a carer or family member of one, living in Central Scotland, and would like to meet fellow stroke survivors / carers / family members for some formal 'talks' about various stroke related issues, (anything from what to expect in hospital when you've first had one, to driving, job hunting, physiotherapy, and many, many others), informal chats, tea and coffee, biscuits, laughs etc, get in touch with me in the messages here (but not direct on the forum). We especially are looking for 'young' stroke survivors (age 16-50). There is a Bridge of Allan Stroke Group already, which is walkable from Stirling, but that is full of 65+ people. We are looking for a younger age group, still facing challenges of working, driving, socialising, having many decades to come. Give me your name, age, approximate area you live in, and your email address or phone number.

It will take a fair while, so don't be bemused if you don't hear staight away. After I have some names and contact info, I can discuss this with the Stroke Association's Volunteering and Community Officer and we'll get together a first meeting.

Thank you if you respond.

...Wish I lived nearer but I'm  down on S.Coast...otherwise would put myself forward, as I am 9 years post event I may of been  able to offer some insight and support if requested and relevant. ...think it's brilliant what your attempting to create up there ...good luck to you...respect