Home automation

I have made great use of amazon echo stuff. 
all of my lights, hot water, portable electric heaters, tv, electric blanket are all controlled by the echo system. 
all the lights are voice controlled, the bathroom and porch lights turn off, after a set time. 
if I'm putting the oven on or running a bath, I tell 'Alexa' and it gives me reminders every few minutes, so I don't flood the place or set it on fire. 
i say to add something to my shopping list and it's added to my tesco order and you can order things you need, instantly, just by saying so. 

it's also controllable via your phone or tablet. 
mine controls 7 lights, bathroom and kitchen heaters, bedroom and living room tv's, hot water, electric blanket. 

total cost, new, would be about £300

it cost me around £180, by shopping around and not buying all of it new. 

Good use of assitive technology! Do you have voice access to your music and audio books?


I use voice for music. 
i don't use audiobooks.