I have just returned from a week’s holiday with my partner. What I noticed this time is that I have walked further  on this holiday than at any time previously in the last two and a half years. This was partly a result of places we visited, but also because I have built up stamina. More importantly, on this break I was less focussed on limitations and more on doing things. We never know what we can do till we try.

Welcome back John, so pleased you had a good holiday, and all your hard work and determination has given you just reward smiley

Have a good w/end

hi John 

good to hear you’ve had a lovely holiday...missed your little words of wisdom though ?

Thank you.

Glad you had a good holiday. Do you think that a holiday provides a rest for our brains. Maybe doing less in a day than at home. I cant quite find the words to explain !


Colin, I actually did more. The company we use is door to door, but the actually holiday had only one free day and we spent that with friends. We went to several National Trust places and I managed to do both house and gardens. We were in Eastbourne and there were fireworks by the bandstand one night. I did say to my partner it might be too far for me, but I amazed myself by walking there, watching the fireworks and walking back. It was a great joy to me and the fireworks were wonderful. When you do something you have not done for years it is like being reborn. Mind you, after the long journey home, I slept like a log....forgetting to take my watch off and not even getting up in the night.

I'm so glad you had a good holiday.  Especially as it was in Eastbourne where I live. Kay

So glad you had a good holiday. You are right that we don't realise what we can do until we try something new. It does your brain good I would think  to have a change of surroundings and a different daily routine - maybe it sort of gives our brains a kick up the backside and sets it new challenges?  The fact that you walked further and did more is confirmation to you that you are doing all the right things and building up your stamina as you say which is great!  

 Hubby and I were discussing holidays this week and, although I don't feel ready to fly yet, I would really love a week in a luxury caravan somewhere nice and quiet with historic places to visit nearby.  We haven't had a caravan holiday since our daughter was little and I think that would be just the ticket at the moment.  It's not the actual flight that bothers me but if there are any delays or problems. Last time we went abroad was to Greece the year before my stroke and we were delayed 18hrs sat on plastic chairs in a crowded airport, upper 80's heat, with no sleep. There is no way I could cope that length of time without sleep now! They'd have to stretcher me on the plane LOL!  I know that's looking on the negative side but maybe in a couple of years' time when the fatigue is better.

P.S I'm still finding my way around the new site so not sure if I'm in the right section or not blush


Thank you. There are quite a lot of web sites for the disabled traveller. Last year we booked a self catering unit inside the grounds of Cardigan Castle. It had a walk in shower and you could park right outside. Quite tired after our return, but happy. My first holiday after the stroke required a wheelchair sometimes, but now I can walk reasonably well but it helps to have seats around to rest on. I also need to be accompanied just for safety’s sake.


We stayed in the Coach House

You did well to walk further than on your previous holiday. I bet you will be able to do a mile soon!! On the flat helps and a firm surface too.