Holidays in Europe for disabled or impaired persons

Can anyone recommend a company that takes the hassle out of getting a holiday in Europe for people such as mysel who have disabilities?
Help appreciated.


I can’t really recommend a company because I tend to book things myself at each stage - just so I’m in control ha ha. So I will book taxis and flights and hotels separately and call each up and tell them I’m disabled and need a seat on the right of the plane and need help with luggage and need a room that isn’t miles from the lift etc. But all that takes a lot of tme.

But - my great aunt and uncle recently went on a Saga Norwegian cruise.

They live in Swindon and they got a car picking them up from their door, take them to the ship, did the cruise, which they liked and then were dropped back at their door!

So if you meet the age criteria then maybe try saga?

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Saga is a good company to use if you have a disability. If you go on a cruise or long-haul holiday they will always collect you from home (they will collect you for short-haul as well, but you have to pay extra). Cruises are a good option if you have a disability because everything is easily accessible. It is also worth thinking about buying/hiring a small, folding mobility scooter to cover long distances.