Holidays & fatigue

Hi All, prior to my stroke 3 months ago I had booked a holiday to Majorca for what will be my 50th birthday. I suffer with a lot of fatigue at the moment & wondered if any of you had some advice on how to manage the fatigue so that I can enjoy my holiday & don’t spend the whole holiday completely fatigued.

@Loshy we go away in about 8 weeks time and whilst I’m looking forward to it (Majorca is my favourite place) I am worried about how tired the travelling will make me. I will definitely rest loads when there and fortunately the area we are going is flat with lots of places to sit when out and about. Not sure how I am going to get on but am going to give it a try. Am hoping I might be a little bit fitter in 8 weeks :joy:. Will let you know how it goes.

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Hi @Mrs5K , Happy 50th. Have a great holiday.
Unfortunately I’m struggling with fatigue as well (as it seems are most ss) so don’t have any helpful tips. I would however agree with @Loshy about not trying to pack too much in (or you will pay for it the next day).
Try and relax as much as you can and don’t worry if you have to change plans on the day due to the unpredictability of fatigue. Hopefully your other half will understand.

Have a great time.

@Ingo66 thank you. The fatigue isn’t great is it, I will definitely make sure I don’t do too much. Think this will be a very relaxing holiday. Lots of sitting around watching the sea and the boats in the harbour. Just hoping the travel to get there isn’t too much. Hope your fatigue improves soon


Shwmae @Mrs5K, I have been trying forward thinking activities and, so far, it’s been working out all right. I imagine each thing I am going to do, and how I am going to do it in my mind, before I do the activity. It seems to allow me to run a bit more on autopilot rather than facing every stimulus in the moment. Hope this may help.

@Rups that sounds like a great idea. I’m definitely going to try that. Will be a pleasure imagining being by the sea watching the boats & then slowly strolling along prom. Thank you so much.

Sorry for your stroke,I went for 5days to Whitby 6months after my stroke,the car journey exhausted me by the time we got there onlyv2 hours and I was a passenger but still,so we unpacked I had an afternoon sleep then was ok for going out for dinner.the next day was fine upvfor breakfast,lots of walking(slowly with a crutch haha)then fatigue hit that night /next day so we just did what we could when we could.i think as long as you are aware and make allowances say for instance travelling is gonna make you tired so don’t plan much when you arrive, or if you have a full day the next day plan on fatigue hitting and have a lazy day,take it as it comes don’t stress,it’s a holiday there are no rules on holiday enjoy it whilst you can,wish I was coming do you need a bag carrier.?:slightly_smiling_face:all the best enjoy.Bernadette.x

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If walking tires you get assistance at the airport, so that the journey doesn’t exhaust you.


@BernadetteC I may just need a bag carrier :joy::joy:. If I’m honest it’s the journey that’s worrying me the most. We’re a couple of hours from airport, then got the wait at airport, 2 hr flight then onward journey. Think I may need a long sleep when arrive the other end :grin::grin:. We’re not planning on doing too much so hopefully once over the journey can just enjoy relaxing and watching the world go by. Thank you for sharing your experience. Best wishes Ann

@Janetb I am considering the airport assistance. I always think I’m not poorly enough to use those sorts of services though. Will see how I get on in next couple of weeks and if can’t manage a reasonable walk without getting fatigued then I will arrange it. Thank you

Hi @Mrs5K - I didn’t want airport assistance when I had my first holiday after my stroke. It was fine going out but on our return the plane was parked at the far end of terminal 2 in Manchester (the huge, newly extended part). When I realised how far I had to walk I could have cried!
Obviously I managed as I had no choice, but I’d definitely consider getting assistance.
That was pre-COVID. It’s now over three years since my stroke and thankfully I can walk for a good distance so I haven’t had to request it for our forthcoming holiday.

@JSCAPM thank you. We are flying from Manchester (the newly extended bit) and I recall it was a long way. Think assistance is probably the way to go.

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Just a thought have you thought about staying near the airport before your flight a b+b or air b and b? The night before say?.then when you return,land at Manchester and stop in a cheap hotel or b+b before driving home so it’s not too far to go on the actual day of flying then when you’ve flown back?
I know its more expense though​:thinking::slightly_smiling_face:
Best wishes,(your bag carrier ):grin:Bernadette xx

@BernadetteC I hadn’t thought of doing that but will definitely look into it. Excellent idea :grin:

I’ve only been back from Tenerife a few weeks. Had a small stroke last November. It’s the fatigue that I’m finding difficult and need to build up my walking! It was a more restful holiday from what we were used to but loved the sun! The flying was a bit of a problem! From Gatwick EasyJet such long walks and we were hand luggage only, I found it exhausting and really wished I’d had assistance but like someone said I didn’t think I was bad enough! Coming home it was across the airport, up three flights of stairs, no lifts, then miles to security, I was shattered. I think I will have to get assistance next time if I can’t improve my fitness and fatigue!!

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@Janesusan Hope Tenerife was worth the fatigue. It’s one of my favourite places to holiday. It’s the trek through the airport that bothers me too. I’m going to form a view in a few weeks and if I don’t think I’m up to it then book assistance. @BernadetteC I have bitten the bullet and booked the hotel for night before we travel. Feeling better about it already. :sunny::cocktail::beach_umbrella::beach_umbrella:


Hoorah good that’s one hurdle sorted.dont be afraid to ask for help at airport,people are happy to help but they need to be asked because they can’t see invisible problems,if I can get a wheelchair and be pushed I will ,it takes the strain away,and I now don’t care what anyone thinks,I think to myself…well I’m probably never going to see these people again so??? And after what I’ve survived I deserve a little help,that’s what it’s there for.
Anyway enjoy your holibobs and do a Madge off Benidorm…
Get a little scooter with a basket fill it up and enjoy yourself😎

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@BernadetteC Assistance at the airport is next on my list. You’re right about not having to see them all again :grin: I did read on the airport website that they give out invisible disability lanyards so thought I’d pick one of those up too. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Fatigue can be so debilitating, so I understand your concern. In my case, (and please remember that all strokes are different) if I know I’m going to have a busy one, I always try to build in a relaxing, restful day on the following day. At least that way you might be able to pace your break and enjoy the rest days too.

Have a terrific holiday.

Thank you @Stewart1 that’s what I’m going to do so I at least enjoy some of it. Starting to look forward to it now :sunglasses:

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