Thinking of going to Malaysia or Thailand as have family in both places, taking family daughter and 2/3 grandchildren but have to take wheelchair to get around but suffer with copd been on plane short flight 4 hours but 14 hours bit longer, plus stroke would love to see homeland one last time but as not feeling great at moments as feel as if I’m coming down with something not cold but feel good some days and iffy others, should I go


Hi @Mickyboy

The airlines and airports etc are very supportive if you are asked for disability support

Can you break the journey into stages with a recovery reserve between the stages,? It might be advisable to wait until you are stronger but I don’t know where you are on your recovery journey (I see you’ve been on here 5 years but that doesn’t translate to what your emotional and physical capacity is)

Ultimately I think it’s a question for you and your daughter possibly with input from any medical support you get

We are often capable of things that surprise us when we have done them…
Looking forward to seeing some pictures of you in the sun having made the journey :slight_smile:


I’m with Simon on breaking the journey. It’s a long time to be in the air without a break. If you speak to a travel company like Trailfinders, they can sort out flights with various stops and organise accommodation too. It will work out more expensive that way though. I’ve found long flights more comfortable by paying a bit more and upgrading to Premium Economy, where you get more legroom (and better food sometimes). Make sure you request Special Assistance when booking too.

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If you want to go then you should do it. You can get lots of assistance at the airports & onto the planes etc.

As suggested perhaps breaking the journey up & getting the ok from your GP wpuld be beneficial.

As Simon has said we’re often more capable than we think.

Hope you can arrange something that works for all.

Wow ! I admire your stamina, and resilience. I’ve plenty of apprehension for a short 2 hour flight to Italy in 3 weeks. Still haven’t got insurance for it. RBS (HSBC) was recommended, but I bank with Barclays… any opinions on their insurance deals, anybody ?

ciao, Roland

Yes I used airport assistance was brilliant but worried about my wheelchair as control doesn’t come of, been feeling bit off lately might be an exacerbation yes agr about premium seating and stop over would be something I should look into thanks for your input mick

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RE : Travel Insurance

If anyone is interested, I took out travel insurance for my wife and I for a year to Europe, (declaring I had a stroke 1.5 years ago, and that I’m on blood pressure meds) for just under £300. Got the Gold + policy with AllClear. My wife read several good reviews about them on Tripadvisor.

Hope that helps somebody, ciao, Roland
Off to do my treadmill


For me personally, it’s the airport hanging around, security, etc that’s most tiring, and that was pre stroke! I’d rather do one long flight, i consder sitting as resting! Spend the money saved on transfers and hotel on a better seat.
I guess we are all different, but i like an isle seat for easy access. Good luck, and happy travels.