Lovely week on the IOW steam train trip, needles, sweet making factory, glass blowing, and beautiful sunshine kids loved it still playing out till way past 10 with other kids


@Mickyboy that sounds fabulous. So glad you had a great time. Never been to IOW but must get there soon

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Sounds like a great time! So glad for you! :heart:Jeanne

Great news Mickeyboy. We can still enjoy holidays after stroke and you clearly enjoyed yours.

Soinds like a fab time had by all

Thanks for all messages I’m still shattered after all that travel, got lost on the ferry as kids went down stairs so fast that I didn’t now what deck I was supposed to be on granddaughter found me wandering around that was scary, but was worthwhile trip next one 10 august cruise the med with my daughter, can wait to see how big ship is wish me luck


WISHING YOU LUCK!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I managed a week in Turkey which was brilliant and normal it strikes me that it is easier to travel to Turkey than travel 90 miles along the motorway to see the kids

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@Mickyboy I’m jealous. I love cruising. Have a great time & look forward to hearing all about it :ferry::ferry::ferry::ferry::ferry:


Hi all cruise starts wed Italy, Spain, Portugal, some other places can’t remember will keep you posted if I can get internet


Happy cruising :passenger_ship: :ferry::ferry::ferry::ferry::ferry::ferry:

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@Loshy oh I love cruising & would highly recommend it. That said I haven’t been since my stroke. If your relatively mobile you should be OK. All I would advise is pick & choose your excursions carefully…some will be a lot more tiring than others you don’t have to do any excursions & you can just explore on your own. Not all ports great for that though. I have done 3 cruises & loved them all. Adriatic cruise my favourite. I love the waking up in a different place each morning. I am looking at a saga cruise (now I’m old enough​:grin::grin:) for my next hol but not decided yet.


Morning @Mickyboy. Glad you enjoyed IOW. Proof that life goes on. You will be a holiday veteran soon. Every time you accomplish another new thing it builds your confidence for the next one. All the best for your cruise, Julia x

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Nervous and anxious but apart from that have my daughter with me

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You’ll have great time :pray: enjoy

Hi all back from my cruise around Italy, Portugal and Spain bit wobble still, as getting used to ship moving wheelchair was a god send as ship was Hugh, food and staff amazing drinks overpriced but then I don’t do alcohol, shore excursions were ok weather was bit iffy in the morning but mist burnt of by mid afternoon, lovely and brown think I had bit of sun stroke, funny that as I’m a stroke survivor, but don’t think I’ll be doing anymore fun but not my thing mick,

@Mickyboy welcome home. Some of these cruise ships are huge but glad you had your wheelchair so you could get around easier. We’ve always cruised on smaller ships & loved every bit of it. A great way to see lots of different places that you might not see otherwise. I haven’t cruised since having my stroke though so can see the added challenges it’d bring.
Rest up now & then you can plan your next holiday. :grin:

Thanks I was on p&o Ventura first and only time I will cruise as I’m not enjoying the walking on ship bad enough walking on land, glad I had wheelchair that was challenging enough glad to be home.

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