It's my first holiday with a stroke. It's been ok to rest but it's been a strange or should I new new experience.  My wife and daughter and her friend have been going out walking for miles bike ridings etc. This as been great ? for them but I feel a little left behind now as I cannot do the thing I could do and I felt tired all the time it does take some time to get used to your newself something I am finding hard work hope all is well with you all des x

Des, it will get better. I managed to do a bit more on holiday in Scotland last week. However, I always encourage my partner to go off and do more while I sit and people watch.

I agree that the family and friends needs time to enjoy themselves ☺️ it's feeling tired for half the day that is hard to I've with

I'm sure that will improve. Interestingly, I have an hour's nap every day at noon. This isn't possible on holiday, so I stay awake, apart from resting my eyes on the coach. Also, more walking was required of me, but I coped. I think the stimulation of being away from home helps.

Hi Des.glad you had a holiday,got my thinking cap on would you be able to hire one of those bikes for two people I dont mean a tandem the other sort that are square you st side by side,you could then have a workout trying to pedal it with wife/daughter and race each other?or what about an open top bus tour of your holiday place if your too fatigued?I did one at whitby,the ticket let's you travel all stopped off a few times for coffee n cake,got off at top of abbey walked down 199 steps very slowly but nobody minded in fact  a few stopped for a chat wanting to know why i had a stick etc+it was easier than going up as well.what about crab fishing off a pier?just thinking off top of my head so you don't feel left wishes Bernadette x

Thanks hope all is well

I agree- definitely new scenarios are inspiring. Better to be tired out on holiday, Des, than worn out at home.Like Paris in the pouring rain is better than in East London.

I had my first holiday 4 months after a mini-stroke. We met a friend from Australia on route to the UK in Berlin. I was dreading the flight in case it brought on another attack, but it was fine. Using local transport saved on the walking, but I found museums and galleries tiring. Having regular meals helped ward off fatigue and, again, finding new cafes etc was exciting so it stopped the dwelling on one's circumstances.

Don't worry about it Des. I'm not an outdoor pursuits person, but city breaks- here or abroad- can be exercising and involve everyone and there is more opportunity to pace oneself. Rx


Thanks des

Hi Des,how are you doing?smiley

Ok thank you have ask for forms for pip which I think it's a no e starter but my wife want to have a go and ESA which I am more hopefull. How are you doing hope all is well with kind regards des x