Holiday Insurance

I thought I would throw it out to anyone who has experience in getting the relevant cover.

I did have insurance through my bank Lloyds but cancelled it and not sure whether to reinstate.


my stroke was a haemorrhage bleed on 9th November 2021 effecting my left side my face was effected but due to talking to much in Hospital but now no sign in my face of a stroke.


i love going to Turkey Callis Beach where it's flat and hope to go next year.

Hello Marie

Try All Clear Insurance- Aviva, our Annual Travel Insurance provider recommended them for us and they offer insurance for all types of medical lconditions (at a much higher premium than Aviva's standard rates though!)

Enjoy your much needed holiday ?


Morning, one of my favourite places is Callis beach, we stay in the golden moon it’s left down the track after the the little bridge. People there are so friendly, been about 10 times of the years, not sure if or when il gonagain tho

Yes I know it thank you for your reply

Thank you Clare great info for when the time arrives 

Thank you for your reply I. Know it never stayed but with transfers picked people up and dropped off.

yeah it’s a lovely hotel, great staff and owner and close to the sea front for the restaurants 

Thank you can you please let me know how much you paid for insurance please

I’m v not been away since my stoke as only had it 6 months ago, did speak to my friend who works in insurance and he said it wouldn’t be a great deal more after having a stroke. So hopefully your able to get a good deal still. 

I will enquire nearer the time next year was sending it out generally.  All the best in your recovery things will be better next year x

I have stuck with the bank free one had to pay £207 supplement on top for cover it’s an annual multi trip policy I did check online cheapest I got was £1500