Hole in heart

Hi guys

Just had my echo and found a hole in my heart. The nurse said they don't fund the closure on the nhs anymore but wait till I see my consultant. Has anyone had this be the cause of their stroke and been fine without it being closed? I'm so anxious I just want to cry because now I feel more at risk as having another one. Thanks

I have also a hole I  my heart too. I'm waiting for this to be closed apparently  the funding is coming back according to the cardiologist. It is a worry but did they find any other problems? X

Hi Shelleljay

I had a stroke nearly 3 years ago on a flight close to landing in Australia. They discovered that I'd had a blood clot which travelled through a hole in my heart to my brain causing the stroke. In Australia they discussed what to do about the hole and doctors had different views. On returning to Scotland, the consultant told me about the options and said they would do what I decided on. She seemed to be more of the opinion to leave the hole alone and put me on Apixaban blood thinners, although she said they'd do whatever I decided. She said this was the gold standard treatment and that I should go ahead and live life normally. I decided to leave it alone. There is a controversy as to what to do Shelleljay, so my view would be don't listen to anyone who is too dogmatic. My consultant had been in the job for a number of years and said that when she started, she had closed around 150 holes in that year, whereas last year, only one! She felt comfortable about this. One last thing they told me (both in Australiaa and Scotland) was that it was relatively good news that they found the stroke had been caused through the hole because there were no other underlying problems and that the blood thinners could deal with the clot problem. As you probably know around 20-25% of the population have holes in their hearts but don't know about it and just get on with life. We stroke patients are all different but I hope the above gives you some more information to build some confidence on


It was the sonogropher who told me they spotted a hole and waiting for app with the consultant to discuss other test results and the echo result more in-depth and my ecg results.

Question? before you discovered the hole did you suffer from palpitations and wierd sensations in your chest? I have for years so was wondering if that's the reason x

Thanks Iain, yeah that's true that there's no other issues health wise hopefully. I will do whatever the doc recommends. 

Did your suffer palpitations and wierd sensations in your chest before you found the Hole? I have for years so I'm assuming it's from that ☺

In my area latest NHS recommendation is to close the hole so I am on a list but no actual funding to do the op so not sure it will ever happen. I didn't have any warning signs before the stroke. On medication at moment to thin the blood.

I am so disappointed to hear this as the cause of my stroke is also due to a hole. Prior to my stroke I ocassionally did have previous rushes in my head as if 'taking my last breath' but put it down to me being overworked.

If the NHS don't fund the procedure to close the hole, what's the purpose of seeing the cardiologist as I am waiting for this appointment. Although I am on blood thinners, I too am concerned about the likelihood of another stroke. 

Let's keep each other updated on this topic. All the best!

Hi Shelelljay,

Sorry I took so long to get back. I'm at a stage where I'm trying to live life normally and not as a stroke patient, so I don't log on here too often. I should have checked up on you though. Sorry. 

I didn't think about weird sensations beforehand. I may have had some which I just put down to too much exercise or just sitting too long in the wrong position!! No palpitations although occasionally feeling a bit dizzy and faint over the years. 

You become conscious of the least wee twinge now, don't you? I think it just takes time to adjust. I think about it less than I used to 2 1/2 years on.

I hope you're finding a way through this stuff and trying to live life as well as possible.

I'll try to check in more regularly if you have anything else you want to talk about. I've found that really helpful over the past months - hearing from people in the same position as me.

best wishes


Hi Iain

Same here I've not been logging on that often because lucky for me I'm feeling almost back to normal. I think because I'm still off work and I'm literally just staying in the house I feel fine but today i went shopping, had a meeting at kids school and right now I feel absolutely exhausted and before at the kids school my heart was racing and felt really hot and faint. This used to happen before the stroke which I think is down to the heart issue but the tiredness from the stroke is amplifying the symptoms and you are so right, i notice everything now I'm aware of it. Hopefully it will decrease over time. I'm still waiting on cardiologist app to discuss results but just assuming I will be on meds until op is available on the NHS. Thank for the help and glad your feeling better also ☺