As a photographer and a new stroke sufferer I am wondering if anyone has tips as how to hold a camera when you have a weak arm


I was given a brace which fits around the neck and supports the camera.I think it was handmade , don't know if it is available commercially.

The alternative would be a tripod.

Hello, Barry,

I don't have any tips about holding a camera, but I might be able to encourage you about getting strength back in your arm. If anyone had told me that I would be able to wield a paint brush a couple of months ago I never would have believed it possible. But my strength has greatly improved, and I've been varnishing doors, albeit in chunks at a time, so keep exercising your arm and your strength may return, especially since you are a new stroke sufferer. Tell yourself it's early days. Try to be patient and keep up your hobby if you can by finding other ways to keep the camera steady while you are waiting. Good luck.


Many thanks for your reply Rilla