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Hi I'm new here. I was 34 when I had my stroke in August 2018. I had a brain AVM which sadly bled during surgery to remove. I knew there was a small risk of stroke but the risks were a lot bigger the longer it was left. I am making progress slowly but compared to many it is good. I have visual issues and appear constantly drunk. I have sickness and dizziness which hopefully will subside over time. Just a quick intro about me. 

Hi Jo, Welcome to the forum. There are lots of good people on here to support you. Glad to hear you are recovering, but bear in mind there will be ups and downs on your post stroke journey. Always remember on your bad days that you are a survivor. I hope your good progress continues.

Just wanted to Welcome you

Hi Jo

Welcome to My Stroke Guide - I hope you find it valuable throughout your recovery.

If you need any support with using the site, please either send a message to this account or email mystrokeguide@stroke.org.uk

Take care