Hip replacement surgery on a stroke survivor

Hi there  I had a stroke 27 years ago at the age of 38.  I have now developed arthritis in my left hip ( the affected side) and have been advised I need a hip replacement.  I cannot use my left arm and am weak down the left side but can walk quite well on even surfaces wearing supportive footwear. I have been told by a  pre-assessment physio at a private hospital  that I am at high risk of falling so have been referred to an NHS hospital for the surgery ( same surgeon).  I am full of trepidation as I understand that one needs to use a frame or crutches straight after surgery.  The frame might be a possibility with some degree of difficulty but crutches obviously not as I can only use one  (the right) hand.    Has anyone in a similar position had this surgery and if so,  could you tell me how you managed?  I would really appreciate discussing this with someone.  Hope to hear from someone soon.

I have not gone through this personally, but I believe there are walkers that come equipped with seats, so if you feel tired or weak on your left side , you could sit and rest a bit. Just an idea.smiley I'll think of you tonight in my prayers. Love, Jeanne