Hi Everyone

I had a vaccine induced thrombosis thrombocytopenia on the 17th March. Previous to this I was a busy working Mum to 2 beautiful girls aged 18 and  8, always on the go and loving life. I think I'm still coming to terms with what has happened, I feel quite bewildered. Luckily I have no physical disabilities, fatigue, depression and frustration that I can't be who I used to be are the worst, not sure how I get past this as I know it's holding back my recovery, any tips?



Hi Sharon sorry to hear your story it is bewildering to say the least ,I'm 2 months post stroke it's not a easy ride but I try to stay positive ,I was the same working full time grown up children all left home and  amazing grandchildren ,I'm not who I was before I know that ,I used to be really out going fun just loved life ,I never sat still so this has hit hard but I'm still able to walk and I've returned back to doing most of what I used to do but my confidence anxiety and fatigue is the worst ,I'm still off work ,I work on a busy cardiac ward so can't return just yet ,I'm seeing the eye unit Monday with the hope of driving again I think we have to live with the new us ,and to be honest I'm looking at it giving me a wake up call to slow down a bit and look at life differently but still enjoy it to the max ,if your feeling really down all the time the brain will continue to heal in that way ,do by tricking the brain into feeling and positive it will hopefully Chanel that feeling back ,that's how I feel about it ,and I've gone from not walking to now walking loads ,always crying to hardly ever now ,and don't get me wrong I do have tough days but on them days take a positive from the day and laugh and smile ,be happy and positive it will help you wish you well ...pippy 

Thanks for your reply and advice, it makes such a difference been in touch with people that know exactly what you are going through. I definitely think it's been a wake up call, made me think what's really important in life. Wishing you well 


Your welcome ,yes it does make you evaluate your life and all the little things that used to really get me stressed I let go and deal with one at a time and not stress ...I enjoy the outdoors Im in the garden most of the day either listening to my audible story's while in Potting my seeds watching the wildlife and just chilling all the best ..pippy ..