Hi New here

I am new here and I had my severe stroke and heart attack nearly 4 years ago.when I was 47 years old. My son was 7 years old.I am very sorry my poor English as I am Japanese.Now My both sides have ataxia lower brain were damaged(cerebellum,brain stem and lower back)My Brain was damaged more than half. I was unconscious for 2 months. I can’t see(double vision and bad eye sight on the left),speak(dysarthria),write(my right hand side is shaking-I was right handed)and walk well(I was on the wheel chair for 2 years but I walk independently now).

I am scared to see friends as I can’t control my emotions especially laugh and cry.When I see them I explain but its hard.

Does anybody have similar experience?



Hi Yumi,  so glad you have found this site ?. You will now meet a group of friends who will share experiences, support and encourage you.

Take care xx

Hello Yumi, emotional liability is hard for others to understand, but I get exactly what you mean. Of course, there are the extremes on both sides. My 1st social activity, possibly 6 months after stroke was a funeral (cremation), and just at the moment when the curtains began to close before the coffin rolls away, I burst out in uncontrollabe laughter ! I was pinching myself and digging a pen into my leg for pain to distract me. I felt like jumping on the conveyor belt myself, it was beyond embarassing. Then there are tears, and again usually at a very inappropriate time, such as walking down the freezer aisle at Tesco (other freezer aisles are available), bawling my eyes out for no apparent reason. 

I am nearly 5 years post stroke and it does get easier, the tears have dried up, the laughter continues but is far more manageable. 

Hi Nic,

Thank you for a lovely comment.

I would like to share my experience I think it’s good for me as well.

I checked your profile...my son has an ASD. I was stressed that day with 1 hour sleep running my own business! I did too much...So silly of me.


Hi thank you for your message.

I am glad that somebody understand my condition.

Same as you it is better now but it’s still there.

but reading your message,encouraged me to manage my problem.

Thank you!

Hi Yumi, I hope your son has good educational provision, because the school may be able to help you with certain strategies to make things easier for both of you ?.    Your stress levels were probably off the scale trying to manage a business and your son.  Do you have any family or friends close by who could help you?  I know it's extremely difficult with the Covid situation, but even if someone could collect some shopping for you it might be helpful.  I've been making cakes, cookies, sausage rolls and pies (& ginger beer!!), to give to some of my neighbours who are very isolated.  It's not much, but we stand in the garden and have a quick chat and it's a chance for them to off-load if they have anything they're worrying about, or give me a shopping list.  (Or maybe hide behind the curtains and pretend to be out - "Oh no, not another sausage roll ??)

The important thing for you now is to have enough rest - every stroke is unique, but all stroke survivors need a good deal of rest.  That sounds like it's not going to be easy for you to achieve, but it's vital, your brain needs time to try to sort itself out and re-wire!  It can only do this when it hasn't got other tasks to cope with.  

Take good care, and keep us updated xx