Hi ,I'm Neil

Hi everyone, I’m Neil from Lincolnshire ,On the 7th February my life changed . I was on holiday in Scotland just having lunch I stood up from the table and nearly fell down again ! Left leg and arm just gone numb like pins and needles.
To be honest I didn’t think too much of it and neither did my family, stroke wasn’t even a consideration ,so the next day I drove 300 miles home with my wife back to lincolnshire.no big deal I thought.
Monday I was still the same just numbness nothing else at all but I knew something wasn’t right so I rang 111 and they advised me to go to A&E ,2 hours later I’m in a hospital bed in Scunthorpe stroke unit, CT scan didn’t show anything so I was sent home with some clopidogrel and atorvastin tablets feeling very confused and a bit (lot) scared. They thought it was probably a Tia event but couldn’t tell at the time .
10 days later I had a MRI at Grimsby hospital which showed a partial anterior circulation infarct (PACs for short ) no I’m none the wiser either ! I had a brief video call with the consultant which wasn’t very helpful he said I might get the feeling in my leg and arm back or I might not and since then I’ve not heard a word from him.
Anyway long story short cause I’m going on a bit I know,I’m now on losarten for BP , cholesterol pills and blood thinners .I had 18 weeks off work and was "encouraged " by HR to go back which I have done . Basically I’m ok and I should feel lucky that my stroke wasn’t as bad as some people’s but I feel cheated out of my upcoming retirement years ,I’m 64 ,
BP seems to be lower and cholesterol is ok but most days I’m scared it’s going to happen again .I’ve just come back from a walking holiday in France with no problems apart from a limp in the left leg and dizzy periods and tiredness.I ride a motorcycle and go metal detecting so as I said I’m very lucky ,thanks for reading .


@Yellowdog hi Neil, welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had a stroke. I too drove after my stroke (didn’t realise I’d had one either) although not quite as far as you.
Sounds like you’re progressing OK although I’m sure you still have some bad days.
I hope you get a bit more help from your consultant as time moves forward. The feeling that its going to happen again is natural but does ease in time.
Best wishes for your recovery.


Hi Neil. Welcome to our forum. I’m glad your experience, frightening thought it was, has not led to anything worse. As you seem quite fit, perhaps you need to make sure you have time for real relaxation not involving exercise. The medication should help. Sounds like you’re progressing well.

Hi Neil-- I’m sorry that you had that experience, but glad you are “up and able”. I think it’s important to use the affected side as much as you can, so things will rewire in your brain. Everyone feels scared of a future attack after having a TIA or a stroke, but you are doing what you can to prevent another one, right? You’re taking blood thinners and watching BP and cholestrol. If you’re eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercising, getting sleep and in general taking care of your health, there’s nothing more one can do. It’s in Gods hands after that. Let it rest there. The tiredness is to be expected. Your brain has had a trauma and is healing right now. Don’t push too hard. Let yourself heal and be patient with your brain/body healing. In my case, I was paralyzed on my left side, and in hospital for 3 weeks. With lots of physical and occupational therapy, I got most of it back. I was advised to see my GP, a neurologist and a cardiologist as soon as I got out of the hospital, which I did. The cardiologist found that I had afib (of which I was totally unaware) and was put on medication for that. So, I don’t worry, since they found the probable cause and are treating it. I’m glad you found our website. The folks here are very helpful. My best to you. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: Jeanne

Shwmae @Yellowdog, I also go metal detecting, it’s meditative for me, and not just about the treasure. The fear of another stroke, I suspect, causes enough anxiety to heighten the feeling even further. I think it is rather similar to post traumatic stress. I keep geese and when someone I am with shows a fear of them it, usually, is because they had a run in with geese in the past. This reminds me of how my brain reacts to symptoms that might remind it of how it felt during the stroke. I also use the example of it being as if the brain is flinching, in the same way we might if someone moves their arm suddenly and we suspect they might be going to thwack us one.

Recently, I had a scare. A sensation that reminded me of how I felt before the stroke hit. I wrote about it on the forum. Since then, I have experienced the same feeling again but this time, I held my ground and observed the sensation more calmly. I rationalised it as I understood it, and eventually was able to put it into context. The thing was, I had been having a few weeks where I was gifted with a period of healthy energy, and felt remarkably motivated. Then the inevitable happened, energy levels dropped, brain got tired, symptoms became more acute because I was stretching farther in my daily activities, wasn’t prepared for the dip, caught me off guard, and the fear set in.

So, I had to reset my anxiety protocol which is stay with the feeling, observe it, let it pass. This gives one control over it, rather than it control over oneself. Hope you are having a pleasant Sunday.

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Hi all ,thanks for the replies ,I’ve just got back from a few days in Scotland visiting our daughter ,no strokes this time !
It’s a long drive of 300 MLS each way so requires a lot of concentration,I feel drained by the time I’ve got there as I’m the only driver.
By sheer coincidence I’ve just had a phone call from the stroke unit at Grimsby asking me if I can have a telephone call appointment with the consultant tomorrow,that took me by surprise I’ve got so many questions for him I’m making a list because I know I’ll forget to ask lots of them .
Over the last few days I’ve noticed that the pins and needles in my hand have died down although I still have a small problem with my finger tips with loss of sensation ,anyone else got this ,also my left leg feels heavy especially after a lot of walking ,I’ll let you know what the consultant says ,all the best.

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@Yellowdog wow you did well driving 300 miles each way to visit your daughter. I’m in awe. I hope you had a lovely time with your daughter. I haven’t been able to drive since my stroke as can’t lift my leg so can’t press pedals. Am looking to change my car but need to be back at work to afford it.
Definitely write down all your questions for the consultant. It is so easy to forget when they start talking to you. I hope you get all your questions answered.
I had a loss of sensation in my fingers and was told by my physio to just keep touching lots of different textures so I spent ages rubbing my fingers tips on hairbrush, sofas, paper, wood etc etc. It worked and I have the sensation back now.
I also have a heavy leg. At times it feels like I’m lifting a lead weight around. For me this hasn’t improved any but hopefully yours will. Definitely worth asking the consultant about it.
Best of luck with the appointment.

Hi I’m Jeff
Like you I had a mild stroke on holiday. Just last month.
In my case Holland on a cruise. Biggest problem was it caused me to fall down a flight of stairs.
However like you I’m basically ok.
Try not to over think things, my wife has been badly upset by what she went through.
Hope you continue to improve and enjoy your retirement.
I’m 73 next month and refuse to be stopped by this.

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Hi Jeff, @Zac welcome to the forum. Sorry you had a stroke. Sounds like you’re making good progress though. Loving your positive attitude too. We have one life and we should live it best we can.

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Hi Neil

The exact same thing for me , pins and needles although looking back now I remember coming in from work a week prior going to GP with a really painful headache and the feeling I hadn’t slept in a week went to bed woke the next day fine apart from pins and needles still present. Anyway same thing put on the same meds sent home, got mri scan and was told I had a small hole where it can not be fixed I would learn to live with the pins and needles and and heaviness in my leg as it will not get better, that’s the exact words the neurologist said me me , and gave me a 3 month sick line to come to terms with it. Definitely no bedside manner at all . Lol

Spoke to the consultant today ,he didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know ,although he was a bit more reassuring as to my prognosis in that he said my symptoms might get better! Or they might not ! My average blood pressure for last week was 128 over 84 I’m happy with that also cholesterol was down to 3.6 overall so I’m going in the right direction .
He’s also booked me in for an echo cardiogram just to check that.
Another review in about 4 months so not a bad chat with him .All on the phone of course.

@Bonnie11 welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had a stroke. Sounds like your consultant could have been a bit more sympathetic. The way they tell you the news does make all the difference.
Hopefully you will get some improvement in time…you can never say never.
Best wishes.

@Yellowdog glad your appointment went ok today & that they are going to follow up with you in 4 months. Your BP & Cholesterol are good so sounds like you’re doing all you can to reduce any further risk.
Am I the only one who has had face to face appointments with the consultant?

Hi Neil, I don’t post here very often, but I’m glad you joined, and I want to address your concern about “having another.”
I was the same way at 59 years old but now, 3 1/2 years later that fear has waned. It’s not completely gone, but if you think about it, you have the good fortune to know the signs for yourself AND can be of help to others. [Bet you didn’t have those insights BEFORE your stroke!]

Anyway, keep plugging away. Your fear will subside. Welcome to this community. There are wonderfully supportive people here! tim

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Thanks Tim ,as Groucho Marks said ,I don’t want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member😊 but here we are .
It’s the uncertainty of it that’s the worry but I’ll get there .