Hi I was wondering about tia and wanted to find out if the symptoms I have would mean to seek help


I think if you have any concerns you should seek help immediately. 

Prior to my significant stroke, apparently I had had 2 mini strokes which I can now think back and know exactly when they happened. I was out working and had blurry vision, slight confusion and dizziness and felt extremely tired. Both times I pulled over in my works van lied down and tried to sleep it off for an hour. Afterwards, i felt a bit better and continued on with my day. 

This happened on 2 or 3 occasions, but I did not mention this to anyone and I didnt seek medical attention or advice. I wish I hadnt been so bloody ignorant and 'manly'. 

Within 2 months,  BANG, I had the full stroke and life changed forever. Heed the warning of your body and try to prevent a life changing stroke, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

If you think you are exhibiting symptoms of a tia then you should definitely talk to your gp & ask for a hospital referral so a specialist can check you over thoroughly It’s just not worth taking the risk of ignoring your symptomsasyou are the only person who really know’s how you feel and you know yourself best