Hi I’m Lou

Hi all, I’m a new member to this group. I am 34 & had a 2 strokes 3 months ago. I have been physically unaffected but my memory has been affected& my confidence. Anyone else of a similar age on here? Any advice or tips ?

Hi Lou

I am really sorry to hear of your strokes, especially at such a young age. 

Problems with memory are very common after a stroke, and they are usually worst during the first few months after a stroke, but they can and do get better. To support you, you could speak to your GP and ask for a referral to either an occupational therapist or a psychologist, who will look at coping strategies for you to adapt into your life.

In regards to your confidence, again this can get better - you could contact the organisation Different Strokes, which is the charity who supports younger stroke survivors. They may have a group in your local area where you can seek support from other people of the same age, who have been affected by stroke. Their contact details are below:

Telephone: 0345 130 7172 or 01908 317 618

Email: info@differentstrokes.co.uk

Website: www.differentstrokes.co.uk

Hope this helps Lou!

Take care,


Hi Lou, 

Welcome to the club no one wanted to be in! I had my stroke ages 27 and am now 30 so if you have any questions or need any advice let me know. How badly has your memory been affected? Did you get a referral to see a neuro psychologist? If not push for this from your stroke consultant or GP as they can fully assess your cognitive abilities and give you help where needed about coping strategies etc. 


Hello Lou

Hi Lou, I’m 42 my memory has been destroyed by a few strokes in June, I was just sat here working out how old I am before I replied to you, I’ve started relying on my phone reminders for anything I really have to remember and am now not to ashamed to ask what someone name is when they obviously know me, I came to realise if I didn’t ask it would never know and yes I’ve asked the same people a few times, they have been very understanding up to now. I’m definitely learning who my true friends are?

Hi Amanda,

This just goes to show what a survivor you are. You notice something that you need to improve and then set out how to resolve it. 

I admire your approach to your poor memory.  I believe the more honest we can be about the hidden affect of a stroke.  The better chance we have of improving things for fellow S.S's.



Hi Amanda - you're a tough cookie, which is what you have to be to get through the post-stroke trauma.  I think if you ask when you can't remember names etc, it gives people an indication of how much support you need.  It's great that SSs develop coping strategies, but it masks how much they are struggling, so be true to yourself and if you need help, ask for it!!  You probably look great on the outside, but your brain is still busily repairing, re-filing and trying to re-organise all your memories. Stay strong, hang on to those true friends, give them a hug and let them support you as it will help their understanding as well.  Don't forget to take plenty of rest, it's still very early days for you, be kind to your brain and give it lots of down time to repair and heal.   Take good care, you're a survivor!!  ?? 

Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. Things have improved quite a bit since I last posted. I’ve seen the neuropsychologist & dumped a lot of the emotional trauma with her. I’m now driving again after 5 months and I am also in a very slow phased return to work as a social worker. I’ve just seem to have permanent head fog & am just exhausted doing the simple things. I have three kids so life is hectic & I guess there is pressure to recover with a family.

Everything feels like hard work, small talk, socialising etc etc 


do you feel fully recovered of have you any effects still? 



That is so true about true friends. 

I think part of my memory will remain foggy ?

Thanks for the reply. Things have improved quite a lot since I last posted. I’m now driving after 5 months of DVLA medical checks, I’ve seen the cardiologist, neuropsychologist & have returned to work as a social worker on a VERY slow phased return. My memory isn’t what it was & im exhausted & have head fog all the time. It’s definitely changed me ?. Hoping it’s just time  

Hi Lou, I can understand what you are going through. I had some memory issues at work which caused some problems so I went to my GP who sent me to see a specialist who deals with memory/cognitive issues. The lady was brilliant - she spoke to me and found out my problems, very easy to chat to, put me at ease. I then went back and had a 1.5 hour cognitive assessment. She asked me to remember names and pictures. Draw a drawing and re draw it later in the session. think of two things at the same time during timed parts. I then went back 2 weeks later and she assured me My memory was fine for my age,(I'm 60 now was 59 when I had my 2 strokes),which boosted my confidence a lot. I have also put things in place at work to assist me in remembering things.

Hope this helps you some what.