Hi I’m Christine

I had a stroke August 2021 aged 62 it came as a huge shock to me , family and friends . I’m thankful I kept my speech but have weakness down my left side . My stroke was caused by atrial fibrillation which I didn’t know I had . I was due to see a cardiologist the morning of my stroke ! Found myself on the bathroom floor and unable to get up . Luckily I was found by a neighbour quite quickly and had clot removed in good time . Spent 6 weeks in hospital then 2 months in a rehab centre . . I’m very focused on physio and made good progress walking with a stick and rollator for longer distances . My biggest issue is tiredness and frustration with my left hand Before my stroke I was writing a book inspired by my family history but can’t seem to focus or concentrate on finishing it although I’d dearly like to . I’m pottering about in my garden which has given me joy as I miss my gardening .hubby is useless and doesn’t know a weed if it hit him in the face . I can’t tell you all how much reading this forum has helped me so thank you . Some times the shock of having s a stroke hits me again .and agsin why me ?And although I don’t cry as much as I did I still feel in shock sometimes . I’m lucky I have a good husband and 2 beautiful daughters . But some days they get the sharp end of my tongue and then I feel bad and ungrateful . Thank you for reading I’m off for another nap now !


Welcome @christine2 sorry to hear you had a stroke. Everything you describe is familiar. I hope you manage to get back to writing your family history inspired book soon. I’m no writer but used to enjoy reading but not been able to do much of that since my stroke. I am finding other things to do instead which I enjoy. colouring by numbers is a new hobby which surprisingly I really enjoy. I suffer fatigue a lot which can be frustrating. I’m with your husband on the gardening front so leave that to my hubby :grin::grin:
Best wishes xx


Welcome to the club (even if you didn’t want to join).We are all very friendly here, so ask anything you want or vent if you need to. I’m sure your family understand that it’s not them you’re angry at.

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Welcome @christine2 , I’m with you on the left hand frustration (it was my dominant hand). Can’t feel my fingers so makes life pretty tricky.
It is ok to get a bit snappy at times but I understand feeling guilty afterwards. The thing that ‘normal’ people probably find the hardest to understand is the fatigue as ofter we look fairly ok but as you know it can completely wipe you out.
Good that you have support from your family. My wife is a life saver.

I hope you continue to make good progress with your recovery. Sounds like you have a determined streak with your physio which will help.

All the best

Lovely to read your pos t Christine. I’m 3 weeks and 1 day since My stroke which came out of the blue. Such a long road ahead but I’m challenging myself. X

Welcome Christine. We can all identify with your situation and the physical and emotional effects of stroke. Mine was six years ago and also affected my left side, but not my speech. It also ended most of my interest in reading, but I can type with my right hand quite quickly.

I can use by wonky left hand, but in a limited way. In hospital I was told to use it whenever possible. Unfortunately, we all say why me, but it doesn’t help. My advice is exercise all you can and limit the tasks you do in a day. Time your tasks as well and don’t attempt things all at once. Six years on I can cook, bake and do a little housework. I also manage short breaks. I still get down days, but we have to battle on.

Welcome Christine

Im 61 and had my stroke in Sept 21 so similar to you.

It is a shock and personally I find the fatigue the worst thing but everyone here is so helpful and with any symptom you have someone has probably had it before

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Thank you all for your welcome so much more comforting talking to people in the same situation u get it ! Hope ur all well and battling on :smiley:

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