Hi everyone

Hi I’ve popped in a few times looking for and found information, thought it was about time I said hi and shared what happened to me.

I’m Sharon age 47 I’m a few weeks away from 6 months since my stroke, I see most of you know what type of stroke you had I don’t they must’ve told me, I remember them showing me the screen of the ct scan the stroke showed up straight away because it had been happening for a few days, well 3 I later worked out, the ct also showed up a few other gynecology issues so there was a lot going on! all I know is the Stroke was massive and affected my whole left side. Here’s what happened briefly :-
Saturday night - had a glass of wine and felt as if I’d drank the bottle! put it down to tiredness or getting old and can’t handle a drink.
Sunday Don’t feel well, thought a strange hangover and sleep most of the day.
Monday Still feel unwell, feel dizzy and balance issues basically I felt drunk. I call my g.p ask for a home visit as there is no way I can walk there etc of course no home visits because of covid so I get a telephone appointment he tells me its a virus and inner ear infection is causing balance problems, I rolled my eyes thinking yeah right! however I didn’t think I was having a stroke. later that day I wake up with a piercing burning headache and my leg feels all weird like I’ve slept on it, my arm quickly starts to feel the same way and my Son calls the ambulance, I tried to get up to get dressed fall and of course can’t get back up.I’m admitted to the Stroke unit where I stayed for 3 weeks before moving onto a rehab unit for another 3 weeks the care I received in both were excellent, once I got daily rehab the difference in what I could do was fantastic and quick. I think in one week I went from not walking then using a zimmer then onto a stick. I still use the stick but not at home anymore its been sitting near my bed in case I get stuck for a few weeks now. My hand still struggles a bit, mostly with small things and things like typing as I clump away here one handed lol I’ve found a new way to do most things, at first it drove me crazy that everything takes longer but i suppose I’m used to it now. I did have short term memory loss but thankfully that got better about a month or so ago. I have what I think is slight hearing loss nothing major, I have an appointment at the hearing clinic in a few days so I’ll soon find out. The biggest issue I’ve been left with is full loss of vision at the side of my left eye, they are going to do another visual field test if the result is the same as the last one I’ll be registered partially sighted. hey free tv licence and bus travel lol I do feel I have been lucky in my recovery, I feel back to normal well no I feel better than normal since I quit booze, removed what was stressing me out, I exercise, I’m a hermit (even before the stroke) I had bought a exercise bike for my Sons to use in lockdown turns out its been a godsend for me, since I’m not out walking much I get my exercise on that everyday and I really enjoy it it cycling away with a podcast or fave tunes blasting. It also keeps the leg spasms at bay, I was sick the other week didn’t go on the bike fo a few days and the spasms returned.
I still get tired some days more than other but don’t think its as bad as it was, I’m on pregabalin for facial numbness they took a bit of getting used to but now I’m settled on a dose and know what time works best to take them its better.

God I didn’t mean to waffle so much! Its kind of good to get it all out and its good to know you not alone in stroke recovery. I’ll enjoy having a proper browse of the forum this week while finishing of the xmas chocs and a cuppa :smiley:


Hi NapQueen I’m year on , count my lucky stars when I read about others here. Like you lost some periferal vision from both eyes on left side but enough to cope but that combined with fuzzy some days floors me.Mine was bleed on right side & discovered myself that sight not likely to improve but we have to live in hope. You’ll find on this site the buzz words are ‘Staying Posotive. But get the impression from your first post that your that sort of person.May you keep improving & keep pedalling. Good Luck Pds

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@Sharon_B, hello and welcome to the forum, pleased you’ve shared your story. Sharing each other’s stories is a -life-affirming means of dousing anxiety and helping the unknown become known for so many experiencing a stroke. It sounds as if you are adapting well and challenging your brain enough to make some headway. Keep going.

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Thanks for the welcome i try and stay positive the alternative isn’t good for me and it’s a hard slog to get out of it. @Ingo66 hope you enjoy the bike it’s handy when it’s baltic outside. @Loshy I developed a sweet tooth since giving up wine, I got a ton of chocolate for Xmas thats the only reason I still have some :yum:

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Hi All,

I have never posted on here, and to be honest I am not on any social media, so do find this all a little new but here goes and here is my story.

My name is Darren and are 45 years of age, I have a supportive wife with two typical active boys of 4 and 9. I was genuinely active and healthy, or at least i thought i was until the day i had my stroke coming completely out of the blue.

I was about to play golf, and suddenly felt like my arm and whole left side lock up, to cut long story short i ended up in intensive care, and in the local infirmary for a 5 week period, it was tough, as this was last May during the height of Covid, we had moved from the Midlands back up north, and our boys couldn’t visit me, but I am a very stubborn, strong willed and a positive person, so after been told i may potentially never walk again, I have worked hard and are now walking, and back to work.

I am now struggling mentally with the last 10% of recovery, finding i am getting very frustrated with myself and getting emotional often, which i didn’t do pre-stroke, apparently the area i had the bleed (left side) affects your emotions,

Any advice or sharing of a similar story would be a big help i think.

Hi Darren well done on walking again it must have been very difficult not being able to see your boys while in hospital. Sorry I can’t offer any advice I’m kind of in the same boat I’ve noticed I’m also different emotionally I’ve been in tears (something I rarely did) over silly things I also have less patience and I can be quite snappy, I’m hoping it will ease off at the moment I’ve just explained to people that my emotions are all over the place and beware :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi NapQueen,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, it really helps to hear and share others experiences

I too find myself been snappy, and short especially with the children, which isn’t fair on them and leaves me feeling worse, which stem from my own frustrations.

I will get there through hard work as I’m sure you will, I’m really lucky having a supportive family

Thanks again and good luck.

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Hi Loshy,

Thanks for your reply, yes I am very strong willed verging on stubborn really, I have always been one of the lads and very sociable, which I obviously haven’t been able to do over last few months, that transition has been difficult but I’m definitely getting there, i also agree fatigue through over doing it, is linked with been over emotional.

I haven’t had any counseling, always thought that wasn’t really for me, but I am now open to trying anything, just joining this forum has shown the benefits mentally.

I even tried acupuncture last week, to try reduce the nerve pain i am constantly getting in my face and right had side.

Thanks again and good luck for the future

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Hi Darren I’m sorry you had your stroke so young, I thought I was young at 50. I was a fit active gym addict but that was pre stroke. I have now bought a mini gym and it has helped my recovery. I totally get where you are coming from about emotions. I was never one to show my feelings but now I find myself tearing up for no apparent reason. I get very frustrated easily as I am still aware of what I used to be able to do, now everything is an effort. I’ve come to terms with the fact it’s not a sprint but a marathon to recovery. Keep positive, exercise as much as you can. We will get there but you are not on your own

Hi just thought I would say it’s been six year since my stroke and I to lost peripheral vision on left side and it’s a lot better than it was it take time still struggle with it some days but there’s a big improvement since I first had the stroke hope u feeling well x


Hi @Sham1 that’s great that your vision has improved, when did you notice a difference? I’m doing great, been meaning to pop in here but never seem to get round to it, I was registered partially sighted a few months ago which still feels strange to say, I suppose I’ve just got used to it now

Hi I started noticing a difference about 3 years after stroke and it is now six so there is still hope for improvement after what seems like a long time hope this has giving you a little hope for your own sight if a difficult thing to loose as we rely on it so much and because people carnt see your disability they dnt think you have one but you will adapt and learn ways round it hopefully u are well x


Thanks you have definitely given me some hope, my eye mostly doesn’t bother me now,like you say we adapt. it is often other people looking at me like I’m crazy because I’m moving round things awkwardly etc that gets me, I might get one of those sunflower lanyards.