Hi every one

Hi, I had a stroke on  1/1/2021 .I'm 55 for a living I'm a Tattooist Artist, my right hand and arm and right leg don't work properly...so I'm trying to get my limbs working, I'm slowly getting every working etc......I no watch I want, probably most liked....how long to get me tattooing again ?

Hi Rob, so sorry to hear about the stroke ☹️.  You have found the right site to get advice and support, from lots of people who have come out of the other side of a stroke.  The fine motor control of hands and fingers can be slow to recover, because the moments are so complex, however, with a good exercise programme you will be able to take control of how quickly you improve.  Movements for legs recover more quickly because the movements are not so fiddly.  I probably haven't explained that very well, but I know others on the site will give you a clearer response.  I just wanted you to know that someone has seen your post ?.  You are still at the very early stages of recovery, and will need to make sure you have plenty of rest to allow your brain to start the massive job of re-wiring.  Your job will require very intricate movements  and good control, you sound quite determined, and this is vitally important for stroke recovery.  Take good care, and keep checking the site - best wishes xx 

Thank you the replying, it's the fine detail I can not control, this bit I need {lol] 

I no I'm asking a lot, can I get it back.

thank you

"Never say never", where there's life there's hope ?.  Recovery takes time, don't beat yourself up, you will have good days and not so good days, it can be a roller coaster.  Keep strong and keep believing.  Our friend Colin, will advise you to keep trying the movements you want to do, even if it means you have to use your other hand to make those movements happen, you have to do the repetitions, telling your brain what you need to do.  The messaging system has been interrupted, and you can make your arm/hand respond again.  Be prepared that it might take time, but just don't give up.  I'm assuming that Tattoo salons are currently closed?  Maybe that will give you time to build your strength and recovery.  I imagine that tattooing must take huge amounts of concentration, and that will be very tiring for you, but you will find this out as go along, and make your own adjustments.  ?

Dear Rob

sorry to hear of a stroke biting you. What a rubbish new years gift.

your brain is busy trying to connect everything up. This can happen in three months, six months, two years etc. 

you wont be the same as before. Many become more artistic than before stroke. Some start liking poetry. We are all different.

to help remind your brain about how your limbs work, you should exercise every digit several times each day. Just wiggle the fingers, wiggle the toes snd so on. Even thinking in terms of moving a digit will help.

in context, i was 90% paralysed, couldnt move anything other than my right hand. On day four i got up and walked. I understand this is rare, but it happened for me. 

be positive

smile endlessly

lots of us are here with you.




I would advise keeping a stroke diary.as the months go by many of us become depressed and think we are not making progress. It helps if you can look back and see how far you have come.

Hi Rob

so sorry to hear about your stroke.  I lost use of left wrist and hand after a TIA.  I have since recovered the use of it.  My theory is you have to keep asking the brain to make the moves you require so that it can find new pathways to carry out the task.  I was given some yellow plasticine like stuff  to practice doing different moves and I do it whilst watching TV.  It took several weeks, frustratingly slow.  You have to pretend you are tattooing and ask the brain to do those tasks.  I was lucky enough to have a physio person come to the house for a couple of weeks from the area stroke team.  My thinking is totally unscientific but it worked for me, Mind over Matter.  Marylin

PS rest is important, the tiredness can be overwhelming.

A stroke diary is a great thing to do.  I began to keep a record in the early days following my husband's stroke, this was because he was hardly eating and I was advised to keep a food log, ( 1 brazil nut, and half a digestive biscuit!!). I extended the food log into a more general record of achievements, mood changes, events, even the smallest of details which showed progress - 3 and half years later I still keep the record!!  It has been a brilliant resource, and I've frequently used it (to settle disagreements), or to plot a timeline, to notice patterns and the triggers to a range of different experiences.  It's completely up to the individual to choose how detailed they want to make it.  I knew my husband would never do this for himself, initially he wouldn't have been able to type or write well enough, and he struggled to get through the day, let alone record what he'd eaten or achieved that day!!  

I still keep a short record every day, just a sentence or two, it really doesn't take long and I always enjoy looking back at everything he's achieved in the last few years.  Ask someone to help you if it's currently beyond your capabilities or motivation level.  Very best of luck xx 

Hi Rob, my stroke was July 2018. Like you, my right limbs were not working. Something you may consider trying:-.

I took to manipulating my right arm and fingers, using my left arm, mimicking everyday actions ie move my arm & hand to scratch my nose, to pick something up etc etc. After 4 weeks I could move the arm and hand independently but with limitations. For the next 3 months, while in rehab, I started copying the alphabet at first (initially indecipherable) until boredom set in, then copying poems etc etc. I also used colouring books with intricate patterns to hone the fine motor skills. I found it cathartic as well as therapeutic. I have managed to get about 95% of usage back. 

My leg was not as accommodating and to date have about 20% of it back. It is a 'work in progress'. 

Hope this helps buddy.