Hi a new member

Hi my name is des I am 61 years old married and have a 19 year old daughter who is at Plymouth university. A week on Saturday I felt the left hand side of my body felt like it was drunk. On the Sunday morning after a very short work roto , I went to hospital hadvarious tests done went to Blackburn stroke unit ,had more tests and  yes I had a mild stroke. Four days later I was sent home ?. Luckily I can still talk and think my balance when walking is slowly getting better. However while th stroke is mild it as come as a shock I am tired which is normal any help or advice would be great I am hopi g to drive again  and return to work however when who know. How do you cope with money I.  cannot work yet  I get SSP and my wife work but that's it hope to hear from others as it's a been a bit unsettlingly having a stroke thanks des

Hi des you will feel all sorts of emotions for a while as we all do on here but it's so good to chat and exchange feelings ideas everything fatigue is so still with me my stroke was 6 weeks ago ,can you claim pip ,there must be some help for you ,I'm quite fortunate I get full pay for 5 months then half pay for the remainder,I will return to work when I have more energy and mentally able to ,I'm also thinking maybe I will take early retirement as I have a NHS pension which is good or even do part time and steer away from ward work and go into clinics ,lots of questions I still need to ask myself ,but your not alone on this site which is good ,it's helped me enormously,..pippy 

hello, i had mine about 7 wks ago:(,,,reaching out to say,, hi, pls feel free to mssge me,, i am still with lots of those queries etc,,,,, thanks

Hi I'm a week behind you ,how you doing ,pippy 

hello pippy, thnk you for the message,,, on the whole pretty good i guess, some days bit mixed i suppose, i keep busy,, but i really find it helps to rest early afternoon - it is still pretty mch early days i guess, n i do get the odd day,, when you feel a reasonably upset,, good to hear someone in similar,..... take gd care (  ) mssge me your journey if u like/fancy?!! gd to chat

Yes I have good and not so good days put always try to be positive ,it's normal to feel upset too our mind and bodies are different to what they were ,on my good days I actually am learning to enjoy the new me ,I forget things and words my anxiety plays a big part in my recovery but I had that even before the stroke it's just highlighted it a bit more ,it's always good to chat to people ,and everyone on the site are wonderful ,and helpful and always there for each other ..take it easy pippy ..

Thanks I cannot claim pip because my wife works and my stroke is only s small one I have worked all of my life and when I need help the benefits system tells me we can get 1.35 pound of our council tax apart from that nothing. Now people need help but makes me mad when you have worked all you've life and get nothing back .hope you are doing ok stayin touch des

Hi hope you are doing ok  it's a bit strange having a stroke even if it's only mild one  take care des

Hey des pip is not means tested so even your wife can claim for you doesn't matter that she works,you had a stroke it doesn't matter if it's a small one you still have been effected by it financially and emotionally and physically ,it makes me mad that people know how to play the system and get away with it ,iknow of people who don't work but drive around in a 4x4 don't have any money worries and theres us people who have worked all our lives and now we need a bit if help don't get anywhere ,I would keep trying ...?makes me mad too ...hope you have a good day sun is shining so one positive already ...pippy ...


Try claiming esa it's paid by national insurance I had my stroke 8 weeks today and I just got exectepted esa it’s 149 every fortnight. It helps as like you I only get ssp pay from my works. Iv also claimed for PIP but not heard back as yet as only sent forms of a few weeks ago. Hope your feeling ok and can get some extra help

Morning, 8 weeks today mine and still have loads of questions ect. Think it’s just trying to take in the fact you’ve had a stroke. A lot like the others on here with symptoms ect. My worst is blurred vision and perseption. I’m getting used to the memory loss and lack of finding words during a conversation. Hope your feeling ok 

Hi Des,   2 years ago stroke , surprised how much have spent , trying to improve quality of life ,(as , they say .) Second hand scooter, new wheelchair & walker . Now in process of easy access shower , wet room too expensive !

PIP helps , worth checking if you are entitled, I feel it is disgraceful they appear to make it so difficult to understand what you may be entitled to , probably considering you are having a difficult time ! Word of caution with PIP , before forms & interview,  think out carefully , how you are on your worst days . Lots of advise on line . All the best David. 

Hello Des,

Seven months post cerebellar stroke, hope things get back on track for you. I'm an author so make my own income and also freelance teach. You could look into Tax Credits or sell unwanted relative and friend's stuff on eBay. Little things to suppliment an income.


I'm 56 & 12 weeks since stroke - don't say yours was mild, you had a stroke & it's affecting your life.

I'm lucky in that my physical symptoms are improving every day - I do a lot of exercise (you tube stroke assoc videos are perfect) & work mornings in office, afternoons at home (so as I can sleep if needed). So I would recommend exercise, even if you dont want to do it, it will pay off.

I hope your local stroke team is in touch with you, you should be assessed.

Hi I am 11 weeks since my stroke. Still not had my follow up appointment. Preston stroke clinic have a back log.

Still not back to work.

I had what they called at the time a serious stroke but I am recovering well. I am pretty mobile. I struggled more with the mental side and the fatigue.

I teach so get 6 months full the 6 months half pay. Hope to be back to work in September.

The stroke association is a great support so you could contact them if money is an issue - that's what my OT adviced me.

Keep asking questions  - every one on here is very supportive.



Thanks yes the stroke team have been in touch I have my exercise s to do my speech and strength is fine and my brain still work as normal lol. But as a carer support worker in time I hope to return to work. I walk most days it's just getting used to having had a stroke thanks des

Thanks things are going ok it's two weeks today when I had the stroke. I have been fortunate I was only in hospital for four days and I can think and talk as normal. Walking is getting there but it's only 2 weeks in can walk good with a strick not as good without it lol thanks for yournote des

Thanks hope your recovery is going well it's been 2 weeks today since my stroke unlike yours mine was a mild one been shopping and walking with my wife ☺️ but it's the briefness that gets you  hope all goes well des

Hi ok thanks can you claim both at the same time ie SSP and esa

Thanks  I will try but hoping to get back to work even if only for 15 hours if not I will try pip. As a care worker I have filled in pip forms  and I am sure that my disabilities will not be enough des