Hgv driver

Hi all im a newbie my name is Craig I suffered my ishemic stroke on aug 6th this year.talk about turn your life upside down. I'm a 54 hgv driver or was for at least 12 months. Do many hgv driver actually regain there licence. Have left hospital on a frame with left sided weakness im now 14 weeks in im able to walk 2mls at a push, so im making good progress I think. Left arm still weak but working. Be happy to here other hgv/psv drivers experiences 

Regards craig

Hi Jane thanks for your reply its good to know there is hope. Its a case of head down and try to make big strides, on my journey to get mine back im very determined as its my livelihood. On a different note I worked for a company called cobley transport for 17 years, any relation 

Kind regards craig