Heres my story

Hi, just found this forum think i needed it.Back in june on holiday i suffered a haemorrhage stroke to the right side of the brain lost all left side feeling and spent 5 days in icu and 2 weeks in a Spanish hospital.

Recovery have been amazing as physically i back to normal .ive had tests for Bp cholesterol you name it its all fine 2 mri they are saying no issues.Im back working on building sites and everyone family wise have put it behind the them,here's the problem my anxiety levels seem to be my worry ,is it going to happen again  why me,feel ive let the family down ,low on confidence,i managed to go back on holiday 8 weeks after as i didnt want my teenage daughters to miss out how i got through it ill never know.Well that's of my chest.

Marion, thank you for sharing - My story is that I suffered a stroke one year ago. (On my 56th birthday) which required surgery to relieve pressure on my brain, and left me paralysed on my left side. my Recoveryhas been a lot slower than Marion’s but i am thankful that one year on I can walk and talk and manage everyday living and socialising with my family and friends who have been wonderfully supportive. I feel i am a long way yet from being “back to normal” physically and all the advice and information i have seen is that further recovery will take months and probably years of ongoing exercise and rehab.

I have a question to the forum please - doesanyone have experience to share of either the ARNI charity or a company called Stroke Solutions?

- I found them  when searching for options for additional stroke recovery support now that my NHS rehab support has finished, they appear to offer on-to-one task-based rehab therapy that I believe could help me, but they charge around £50 per session, so i am keen to confirm that they ar both legitimate and effective before i commit to anything. I hope someone can provide some nsight into ARNI an/or Stroke Solutions? Thank you,

Duncan Gowing

Hi Duncan. Firstly, commiserations on your stroke. I am almost 76 and my stroke was nearly four years ago. I do not know what these organisations but can make a number of observations. Firstly, does any hospital near you have ongoing physio support? I am lucky in that once my home support finished I was referred back to my rehab hospital for ongoing physio for another year for an hour a week. This was supplemented by exercises for hand and leg to do at home. I then found a strength and balance class at our local Life After Stroke Centre and went there for a year, but I felt it held me back somewhat. I then found local exercise classes for the over sixties and these have been a godsend. I began these as a tottering idiot, but now can keep up with pretty much everyone else. Tai Chi and Yoga classes can help too. They are usually £5 a session and you have the social aspect to cheer you as well.

What I will say is that recovery is slow and takes a long time. I have been to my exercise classes for two years and,yes, my strength and balance have improved no end, but I am still not the old ‘me’. I also have good use of my weak arm and hand, but want to improve more. Age is not on my side though.

PS Your Doctor might know of other facilities in your area.

Hi there. I also had a haemorrhage Stroke, now four years ago. Anxiety about having another stroke is common, as is fear of death. These fade with time but still linger in the mind and pop up from time to time. Yoga or relaxation classes might help with these. Please remember anxiety is natural and no shame should be attached to your feelings.

I believe the danger period for another stroke is the month after the original one. That period is over and you seem to have made an amazing recovery. Hopefully, post stroke fatigue will not grab you in the way that it grabs many of us. Please look on your recovery as a second chance. Enjoy your life, but think about whether you might need to make lifestyle changes eg diet and alcohol intake.

You really are doing well. Keep it up and don’t beat yourself up. You have let no one down at all.

Hi Marion

I think most people worry about it happening again, I know I did and still do but it does seem to be getting better. You sound like you are doing well so well done with that.  I am envious when people comment about post stroke services because I have been offered nothing other than a telephone call from a speech therapist the day I got home who could understand what I was saying on the phone so we felt I didn't need it.  Mine was a haemorhagic stroke and was 5 months ago and affected my right side. I was able to do basic tasks when I got home from hospital but there were some things I struggled with.  I decided I needed to work on helping the pathways to rebuild so instead of finding different ways to do things I persisted in trying to do things and that has been relatively successful.

The consultant advised me to keep walking the dogs by way of physical therapy and I have.  They have been an absolute godsend and are walked every day.  Yes I got hit by fatigue which meant shorter walks and resting afterwards but that seems to be getting better too now.  I did lose an awful lot of weight which wasn't helped by a lack of appetite, couldn't understand it as first until I realised the BP tablets give me an awful taste in my mouth so nothing I ate tasted good.  The weight is gradually coming back which is encouraging.  


Thanks for you kind reply

Hi Duncan. I also suffered a hemorrhagic  stroke nearly 3 years ago and have left sided weakness with no use of my left hand and arm. You are doing extremely well, keep up the good work, It's a long hard journey.


I had an ARNI Physio for a while, who I contacted through Stroke Solutions, they are less expensive than a Neuro Physio but I didn't really get on with their way of working and prefer to work with a Neuro Physio once a week and do lots of exercise and walking every day between sessions.

It's worth giving it a try, you may find that it works for you, good luck.