Herefordshire advice request - please help me find the best care for my mum

My mum had a stroke last week so I have no idea what to do to best support her yet.  I am not happy with the level of care she is currently getting (the staff are lovely but they do not have enough resources and staff to provide more than they are) and she is fortunate enough to have private medical insurance so we can look at alternative options.  Does anybody have any experience of a private hospital that has specialist support for aiding recovery of stroke patients in this / nearly areas?  She will need physical rehabilitation, speech support and burns help as she suffered a burn when she fell.  Thank you for any advice you can share.

Hi - Is your Mum still in hospital? I'm just thinking if she is, has she been given an idea of a discharge date? I would imagine if you want her to be transferred to a private hospital, it would be easier to do it immediately rather than come home first and then go as this would be quite distressing for your Mum.  You will probably need from the NHS hospital the discharge letter, letter confirming the drugs she has been given so far and copies of her brain scans or permission to access them from the private hospital.

With regards to looking for private care, do please check the policy to see what is covered and for how long. I do know people who have gone into private hospitals (not stroke related) under the impression that everything is covered indefinitely and were shocked to discover they had a bill at the end they didn't expect.  You can get brochures from most of the private hospitals and some will specify their areas of expertise on their websites. I'm afraid I am in Yorkshire so a long way away from your area so unfortunately cannot help in that respect. I have, however, had experience of Nuffield physio which I paid private for and there was much talking and showing of exercises but no 'hands on' treatment at all so it's defintely worth investigating what actual physical rehabilitation she will get and needs beforehand.

When looking for dad I found severe limitations in private. We were willing to pay but they would only look at dad with a referral. No one would refer him as they said there was no hope of improvement. I found it all very frustrating and the only private hospitals that would take him were in London. That wasn't feasible. I think there is a lot of improvement needed in stroke care outside of London. Good luck. I hope you get something sorted. 

You might want to check out neuro physio’s as they deal with both the physical and neurological aspects of re~Habof ifyour local Healthauthority Are not providing the support youneed it is worth checking with citizens advice as to your rights & contact your mp to remind them they work for you and will want your vote at the next election all the best to you and your mum any health professionals you are currently in contact with should also be able to offer some guidance as to your next move