Hemorrhagic stroke

Hello,  my husband suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke about 13 weeks ago.   He went in to a coma for just over 3 weeks after they removed his haematoma and has been very slowly recovering in a rehabilitation centre ever since.   He has a tracheotomy so cannot speak still.  Is in a wheelchair also. 

The bleed was on his right side and sadly it would appear that he has entirely lost the function of both left leg and left arm.   Both limbs now showing signs of spasticity.     Has anyone regained use of a limb after several weeks of no initial signs of movement?

How long is/was recovery and being able to return home?   Thank you 

Hi Tifflar, I had a haemorrhage stroke nearly four years ago and lost the use of my left arm and leg. After a fortnight, movement started in my fingers and progressed from there. Then I was taught to stand and walk again, then had lots of physio on the arm and hand. Quite early on I experienced a lot of involuntary leg movements, which I took to be the brain rerouting itself.

After getting home, walking progressed slowly. I did a little each day and added to this each day. I was advised not to use a stick indoors and did a lot of 'furniture walking' in the early days. I now walk with a stick outdoors and have reasonable use of my arm and hand. Stroke left me with drop foot, but an FES machine helped with that. I go to three exercises classes a week and am still having physio non my weak arm.

Progress is very slow, but still continues. Continuous exercise and a positive attitude help, so try not to let him get depressed and frustrated and encourage him all you can. At some point he is likely to make a home visit to assess his needs and to work out what aids he might need. He will also get six weeks physio at home, but this depends on your local health authority. He is also likely to have to sleep downstairs for three weeks. My health authority put hand grips at the bottom and top of the stairs and a seat in the shower, but not all authorities do this.

I hope this helps and that things will improve for you both.

John has said it all. And as a bleed rather than a clot he really does know.

So I just wish you good luck with your progress.

Things do get better. But its all so slow.